15 Ideas How To Celebrate Valentine's Day on Tight Budget

by Note with Love Team - Feb 1, 2023
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To celebrate valentine's day you don’t need to spend a lot. Sure, love is the best gift but Valentine’s Day can be all about the effort you put in. Even a simple celebration with thoughtful, affordable valentine's day gifts can be much more memorable when you are with your significant other. Here are our 15 recommended affordable valentine's day ideas for him or her to celebrate.

1. Enjoy Stargazing Together

Nothing says romance like stargazing with your significant one. Plan a romantic valentine's night to explore the wonders of the universe under a beautiful sparkling sky.

There are numerous celestial objects visible to the naked eye or with binoculars. Simply head to your own backyard, balcony, or terrace with a warm outdoor blanket and a stargazing app  (e.g. Star Walk 2). Simply search for the name of the object in the app and It will show you where to look for it.

Approx. Budget

You can simply enjoy the stars staring at the sky with your bae and that will cost NOTHING. If you already have binoculars, that’s a plus. If you want to buy one, a simple 7x to 10x binoculars will be enough for stargazing and you can find one for $18-$22. But for one night you can borrow them  from a friend as well.

2. Go On A Mini Picnic

Simply spending time together is amazing on Valentine’s Day. You can pack a picnic lunch and head outside to make your valentine's day special. You can pack up anything for lunch that’s fine with your budget and just as long as it’s something you both enjoy. Head out to find a quiet spot (e.g. under a tree in the park or along a nearby hiking trail) with your lunch and a blanket to enjoy your meal.

Or you can go to a public beach. So that you can share a romantic picnic dinner enjoying the sunset.

Approx. Budget

For lunch, you can pack up your favorite sandwiches or spaghetti or any easy recipe and you can prepare for $5-$6. For dessert, you can pick some cupcakes or cookies. If you want a takeout meal, check if you could get a couple of combos from your favorite fast-food restaurant.

3. Plan A One-time Partner Dance Class

Try out some dance moves with your bae to make your valentine's day special! You can do this at home, in a dance lesson, or even at a salsa club.

Book a one-time partner dance class and learn a few dance moves with your partner. Whether you can learn or not valentine's day is all about getting close, and this is a fantastic way to do just that :wink:.

Approx. Budget

You can book a one-time partner dance club with your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse. Generally, it cost around $20 to $30 per hour. You can also go with an online tutorial at home which will cost nothing. Learn it with your partner together and have fun!

4. Paint together

Another amazing way to spend this valentine's could be painting with your partner. Don’t worry you don’t need to be Leonardo da Vinci for that!

Just buy two canvases and some colors and start sketching and painting for each other. It’ll be a memorable valentine's day gift for each other. These will always remind you of the time that you’ve spent together whenever you’ll see these paintings. You can also go for one canvas and produce a  a masterpiece with joint effort. If you run out of canvas space, you can spill some paint on your partner's body to turn up the heat!

Approx. Budget

A 4x4 or 6x6 canvas will be enough for a good sketch and it’ll cost less than $5. You can go with a larger canvas if you want, it may cost you around $6. Acrylic mini tube paint will cost around $8 and you can get an affordable brush set for under $5. So total budget can be under $20.

5. Become a tourist in your own city

If there’s any spot or a museum in your town that you've always wanted to visit, take this valentine's day to make that wish happen.

Take your bae with you and be the tourists in your own city and finally cross one or two items off your bucket list. Don’t forget to get into character by taking a lot of photos throughout the day.

Approx. Budget

You can set the budget as much as you can go along. $20-$30 will be more than enough to spend roaming around your own city with street foods and drinks for the day.

6. Be the Chef of the day

Cooking together is one of the most romantic things to do for valentine's day. Even if neither of you is a good chef, you can create a memorable dinner that you will both enjoy.

Choose the simplest dishes and the one you both like. Set the table with the dishes you’ve made together and make a perfect candlelit dinner. Or, you can enjoy it in front of your fireplace.

Approx. Budget

For preparing a two-person meal, it’ll be done under $14. If you want to make it a candlelit dinner you might buy some candles and some red roses to set the mood.

7. Make a Scrapbook Together

You can simply stay at home and make a scrapbook together with your sweetheart. A scrapbook about the journey of your relationship. You can gather up photos from your first date to till now, wishing cards, or old ticket stubs and make a memorable scrapbook.

Approx. Budget

You can buy scrapbooks from $9-$25. They are pretty much good and enough to store your memories. You can also buy paper from stationery store and make the book yourself.

8. A Romantic Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is perfect for the couple who are movie freaks and at the same time not willing to go out. And watching movies at home is simply great to celebrate an affordable valentine's day.

No line, no loud neighbors, just eating popcorn and enjoying movies together with your significant one. Settle in on the couch for an evening filled with your favorite movie. Cuddling up while watching the movies comes as bonus.

Approx. Budget

You don’t need to list up an extra valentine's day budget for this one. Make some microwave popcorn and grab something you both like to drink. You can also buy two theater-sized candy boxes from Walmart or the dollar store, which will cost just $1.24.

9. Ice Skating

Romance fills the air on February 14th, and skating under the stars is very mesmerizing on valentine's day! Bundle up and head out for an ice date to celebrate a romantic valentine's day. If you like to capture the moments don’t forget to take selfies or, ask a passerby to click a photo. 

Approx. Budget

In case you don’t have a roller skate, you can get one for under 30$ or rent them for much less. Otherwise, you really don’t need to spend for your ice-skating date!

10. Recreate Your First Date

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long, it’s a great way to spend this valentine with your old memories. Rather than struggling with valentine's day ideas or gift ideas, recreate your first meeting or date.

If it's not convenient to visit the place then you can explore all the pictures from your first date and live the moments again. And it will cost you nothing but great time with your  partner! 

11. Give your Bae Some Sweet Treats

Surprise your special one by baking up their favorite dessert. Start the day giving your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner flowers as a valentine's day gift. Bake some cookies or cupcakes or, preferably, make something with chocolate, in honor of the day. To bring the vibe, turn off the lights, cuddle up in the couch, and eat your sweet treat together off the same plate or of each  other.

If you’re almost 100 percent sure you’re not skilled enough or you might burn the kitchen, buy a box of the baking mix and eat as much as you want.

Approx. Budget

A box of the baking mix will cost less than $4. And for baking cookies or cupcakes, all the essential ingredients and tools can be bought for $10-$11.

12. Go On A City Bike Tour Together 

A city bike tour with your loved one can be one of the adventurous valentine's day ideas.

Go to your local bike rental shop and select the ideal bike for couples. You can choose to go to your favorite viewpoint, or better yet, plan a few stops you’d like to check out. Or, you can go on a scenic bicycle adventure.

A fancy coffee drink for two will be the perfect ending to the tour.

Approx. Budget

Check for a 1-day bike rental in your area if you don’t own a bike. On average rental price starts from $15!

13. Take A Long Road Trip

Take a day-long road trip to a location neither of you has been to before within your city. Not only you'll get out of your comfort zone, you’ll have a great time with your bae exploring.

Approx. Budget

Whether you’re driving your car or a rental, make sure there’s enough gas in your car and a spare tire. On average it’ll cost $25 per day for a rental car. For the other essentials like snack/lunch boxes, drinks or water pay as per you go.

14. Go for a Romantic Hike

Choose a beautiful place nearby and take a hike together. Maybe there's already a favorite spot that you or your partner might want to try. In either case, you can be sure to have a good time because you're in great company.

Approx. Budget

You can get all the essential kits for hiking (like Backpacks, maps and compasses, first-aid kit, etc.) on amazon or any other online store for $15-$20 or you can go to the local store for a lower price. Set the cost of food and water according to your preference.

15. Best Friends Date Night 

You may not have a significant other yet this valentine's day, but that absolutely doesn’t stop you to celebrate it. Because you still got special people in your life like your besties! Who said it has to be a romantic valentine's day?

Dress up for a night out with your besties to celebrate valentine's day. Or, you can stay up all night when it’s nice out and drink wine under the stars, discussing everything you're usually too embarrassed or afraid to admit.

Approx. Budget

Grab a premium wine from $15–$20 and be ready for all-nighter with your besties.

Concluding Thoughts

Remember that you don't have to spend a lot of money to show how much you care. Yes, we enjoy receiving gifts, dining out, and traveling with our loved ones. But, in the end, it's the thought that counts. Pick valentine's day ideas for him or her that will make your moments memorable. Don't forget to add a beautiful message on a card to finish off in style!

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