21 Beautiful Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

by Note with Love Team - Feb 5, 2023
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Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, a commemoration of love, passion, and commitment. A day to create lasting memories, express your emotions, and reaffirm how much you care. With lovely gifts for valentine's day for her, be that your girlfriend, fiance, partner or wife, you can strive to create memories that will last a lifetime. Let me lend a hand in making this Valentine's Day one to remember, a day that will be eternally engraved in her memory.

Now the main issue while buying a gift is that there are too many options! And if you are not a pro in gifting, you will struggle to find the best of the best gifts. Because every woman is different. So I prepared a list of beautiful gifts ranging from customary presents like necklaces and blossoms to thoughtful ones like cooking lessons, getaways for two, or steamy yoga to make sure you find something special for your lady love. So take a seat, unwind, and browse this selection of 21 beautiful valentine's day gifts for her.

1. Delicate Charm Necklace

For The Charm Girl

Image from Nordstrom

As valentine's day gifts, what could be a more fitting token of love than a necklace? This Sterling Forever necklace is a fantastic piece and a big hit as one of the most perfect valentine's day gifts. The necklace is made of 14k gold and features a trio of Charms atop its chain. The length is adjustable, and it looks great layered with other chunky necklaces.

$96 at Nordstrom

Get it on a great deal at Nordstrom Rack

2. VLOGO Square Silk Scarf

For The Scarf Lover

Image from Nordstrom

If she loves designer cothes, then this piece of clothing can be one of the ideal valentine's day gifts. This scarf, by the legendary Valentino, is a veritable treasure for scarf fans. It's made of 100% silk, and the ultimate piece is a logo-embellished scarf. And nobody said a designer scarf was only useful around the neck only and couldn't be fitted on a steamy night.

$590 at Nordstrom

3. Garalyn Pointed Toe Over the Knee Boot

For Over The Knee Boot Addicts

Image from Nordstrom

This is one of the most stylish and chic gifts on valentine's day for her. The pointy toe and svelte block heel offer it a full-glam look, while the smooth faux leather ensures comfort. This boot is ideal for a fashion-forward partner who likes their legs hugged past the knee.

$100 at Nordstrom

4. What I Love About You Journal

For The Old-School One

Image from Etsy

Out of all the lovely and thoughtful gifts on valentine's day for her, this What I Love About You Journal takes the crown. It enables you to express your heart by adorning the pages with love letters, precious memories, future plans, dreams and hopes, and feelings straight from your heart. Bet this gift on valentine's day is going to be something that she will treasure for years to come.

$20 at Etsy

5. Personalized 3D Printed Lamp

For The Night Light lover

Image from Pinterest

As valentine's day gifts, not everything has to be old-school. This lovely night light will remind her of you every time she has trouble sleeping in the dark. The engraved name of you two will astound her.

$76 at Etsy

6. Foil Metallic Song Lyrics Art

For The Melophile (One who loves music)

Image from Etsy

Is she a music lover who feels the lyrics in her bones? Or perhaps she has a favorite musician she is totally smitten with? Then out of all valentine's day gifts, this is the ideal one to serve as the soundtrack to your life, reminding you two of a fond memory, a romantic first dance, or that one perfect date.

$25 at Etsy

7. Birth Month Wildflower Bouquet

Perfect For Gardeners, Artists, And Nature Lovers

Image from Uncommon Goods

It's always sad to see premium quality fresh bouquet flowers wither. Looking for a bouquet that will last a long time as a gift on valentine's day? You ought to try this, then. It will look stunning on her tabletop or mantel.

$68 at Uncommon Goods

8. Aphrodisiac Cooking For Two Experience

For The Cook

Image from Uncommon Goods

As the saying goes, experience is the best gift you can give. Surprise her with this couples-only virtual cooking class on Valentine's Day. An enticing and sensual way to celebrate the day with your significant other. After class, take some time to dim the lights and share a spoonful of mousse. Surely this will be a night you'll never forget.

$25 at Uncommon Goods

9. Romantic Date Night Painting Class

Image from Uncommon Goods

Since we're on the topic of date night activities, another option is to enroll in a painting class for couples as a gift for valentine's day for her. I’m sure your sweetheart will adore the idea of spending 90 minutes with you while you paint a dreamy destination—and you don’t even need any prior experience.

$75 at Uncommon Goods

10. Design Your Own Ring

If She Loves Handcrafted Jewelry

Image from Uncommon Goods

Thinking about proposing to her on Valentine's Day? Or perhaps as a gift for valentine's day for her, you'd like to give her something she can keep for herself as a glimpse of you? This hands-on class allows you to express your creativity and design a ring that is unique to her style and taste.

$225 at Uncommon Goods

11. The Valentine's Sugarwish

For The Sweet Tooth

Image from Sugarwish

Love is everything, but some of us also need a little sweet stuff to get by, right? Bring her favorite salty, crunchy, chewy treats with the Valentine's Sugarwish as a gift for valentine's day for her. Moreover, this box of love and goodies includes personalized eCards with personal photos!

$46 at Sugarwish

12. Date Night In A Box

For Busy Couples

Image from The Fantasy Box

This could be one of the most on-theme and sensual gifts of valentine's day for your partner. Valentine's day themed gift boxes from The Fantasy Box have everything you need in your busy schedules to make the most of that precious alone time, and you don't even have to leave the house or spend a fortune. All are guaranteed to raise the stakes in the bedroom, whether you want the usual bunny ears and fuzzy handcuffs or bath soaps or costumes for pretending to be a secret agent.

$49-$179 at The Fantasy Box

13. The Lucky 13

Image from Rosepops

The raspberry roses can be a unique gift for valentine's day for her and something she has never seen before, making it a pleasant surprise. This box of preserved roses is stunning, and it's fun to pull the ribbon to reveal the roses. Scents, messages, box accents, and other features can all be customized.

$195 at Rosepops

14. An Online Massage Course

If She Loves Foot Massage

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels 

This is one of the best gifts of valentine's day for your partner while also trying something new. Technically, you should take the course so you can give your girlfriend or wife a relaxing foot massage whenever they need it. The techniques used in this course to awaken the body's energy systems are based on Thai reflexology.

$110 at Udemy

15. Bath Bomb

Image from Lush

For a romantic bath, this Lush classic is the ideal Valentine's Day gift for her. It is not only a lavish treat to enjoy, but it also offers a restful and revitalizing experience. The bath bomb has all of nature's most potent and alluring ingredients to make you feel like taking a good... soak. Its bright colors and fun design set the tone for a relaxing, romantic soak in the tub. This present will undoubtedly make your lady feel spoiled and loved.

$8 at Lush

16. Bed Yoga For Couples

Image from Amazon

One of the best gifts for valentine's day could be a book introducing a gentle series of yoga poses that can be very calming and healing for both partners. Bed Yoga for Couples is a brilliant book to learn from and can help you start the next one off on the right foot.

Yoga helps to lower stress, anxiety, and depression as well as to increase flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health. This book does a good job of enhancing your physical and emotional well-being with your partner.

$10 at Amazon

17. A Subscription To Erotic Audio Stories

Image from Dipsea

Before you go to bed after a fun-filled valentine's day, try one of Dipsea's 500+ erotic stories. Listening to these audiobooks before bedtime is a great way to unwind with a sensual twist. It can help you rediscover your sexuality and inspire intimacy, whether your partner listens by herself or with you.

$13/month at Dipsea

18. Valentines Chocolate Gift Basket

For The Chocolate Lover

Image from Amazon

This Chocolate Gift Basket from Barnetts is the ideal valentine gift for your wife or girlfriend. The gift basket includes 15 individually cream-filled and hand-dipped wafers with a ganache-style chocolate coating. Five vibrant, artistic toppings—almond crunch, coconut, cookies and cream, peppermint, and cappuccino drizzle—are added to the delectable hazelnut cream filling that fills each wafer. Surely, makes a delicious treat for your sweetheart.

$30 at Amazon

19. Allure Beauty Box 

For The Beauty Lover

Image from Amazon

The Allure Beauty Box is the best Valentine's Day gift for your lady love if she is into cosmetics. A carefully curated assortment of high-end beauty products is sent to her door each month in this subscription box.

Each box contains 6 or more items, at least 3 of which are full-size and are each worth over $100. These products are handpicked by Allure editors, making the gift box a magnificent gift for any beauty lover.

$23 at Amazon

20. Kinky Truth Or Dare

For The Kink Enthusiast

Image from Uncommon Goods

It's an interesting and fun way to spice up your relationship and test your limits. The game's provocative prompts will compel you and your partner to test new boundaries and undertake novel endeavors. It's a gift that will make her blush and have a good time with you.

$16 at Uncommon Goods

21. Wet Look Zipper Crop Top

Image from Love Honey

Valentine's day is the ideal time to spoil her. And among all these gifts, what could be more special than a sleek crop top?

Your partner can pair it with other wet looks items like a skirt or a pair of leggings. Zipper details will let her customize her look and highlight her features. Zip it high or low it is sure to exude confidence, sensuality, and elegance at the same time.

$25 at Love Honey

Concluding Thoughts

The most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day, calls for a special present for your lady love. Just imagine the delight on her face as she opens a stunning piece of jewelry, or the surprise and awe on her face as she receives a bouquet of her potted flowers, a spa day, or a romantic getaway as her gift for valentine's day. Undoubtedly, you would not barter that feeling for any other riches, as it is worth far more than gold or anything else of a tangible nature.

If you want to go a little further, and not stop showing off your love at gifts, then you can plan a whole day full of romance and love. Here are some unique ideas that may come in handy.

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