31 Best Gift Ideas For Christmas 2022

by Note with Love Team - Dec 17, 2022
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Are you stressed about what to get for your favorite people on Christmas? You wish someone had it figured out for you. Don't you? It gets harder every year to shop for some unique gift for the same people. So to help you to keep up with the trends I’ve made this list with the best Christmas gift ideas for Christmas 2022. 

Whether you are shopping Christmas gift for your coolest parents, gamer younger sibling, tech buddy, your boo or the cottage core connoisseur in your life, the list got everything covered so you won’t need to search for other perfect gift guides. Even last-minute gifts, you’ll find it here. So feel free to look through my selection of Christmas gift ideas.

1. Beosound Wireless Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Image Source: enkimagazine

If you're attending an outdoor party, this excellent-sounding wireless outdoor speaker will be a perfect gift for the host. It's dust-resistant, waterproof, and comes in carbon black. It has a strong bass and is intended to complement any environment, indoors or out. It can be played for 27 hours at average volume levels when connected via Bluetooth. It is portable, so they can take it on all of their adventures.

Available at: Amazon

2. Mejuri Pavé Diamond Wishbone Necklace

Image Source: Mejuri

People adore this wishbone necklace by the same designer who created the TikTok favorite diamond line necklace that has been trending everywhere. This lovely dainty but sparkling necklace is an appropriate Christmas gift for women of all ages. Needless to say, your girlfriend or partner will adore it and may never take it off once she has donned it.

Available at: Mejuri

3. Hope You Like Cats Doormat

Image Source: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with something cute that changes the vibe of a room just a little bit. Get this adorable welcome door mat for the furry lover in your life. While there are plenty of things to buy, why not buy something with a furr-ious plea? These mats are hand-painted and made with coir and UV ink.

Available at: Amazon, Etsy

4. Don Fulano Fuerte Tequila

Image Source: Bittersandbottles

A good bottle of tequila is a holiday tradition for everyone. Don Fulano Fuerte is the most potent tequila, with hints of jasmine and herbs. It gives a long finish with mint and peppery spice. The dual steel makes the unique Blanco very rich and smooth. It is excellent for mixing into cocktails or sipping on its own.

Available at: Don Fulano, Bittersandbottles

5. Wireless Sleep Headphones

Image Source: Bestproducts

If your loved one has difficulty falling asleep, particularly when lying on their sides, this Bluetooth sleeping headphone will help them relax and sleep soundly. It helps to relax the muscles in their forehead and the area around their eyes while they sleep. It has built-in control, a 12-hour battery life, and clear sound quality to ensure a good night's sleep.

Available at: Amazon

6. Everlane The Rain Boot

Image Source: Welcome objects

Don't let the rain keep you from hearing the thunder. These stylish, versatile rain boots make excellent gifts. The boots are incredibly cozy and comfortable, keeping feet dry and warm as a rain boot should. It also has enough room for thick and comfy socks to keep the feet warm no matter what the weather is like.

Available at: Everlane

7. Mini Pocket Projector

Image Source: Amazon

If you're looking for a gift for your younger sibling, this mini projector might be the best option. They can easily connect it to their Android or iPhone to watch movies, give presentations, or play games on a large screen.

Available at: Amazon, Wallmart

8. Indoor Vegetable Garden Starter Kit

Image Source: Amazon

What about a unique gardening Christmas gift? Grow your own veggies with this exotic gardening kit. You can enjoy tasty, unusual vegetables straight from your indoor vegetable garden to your plate. It has everything you need for your vegetable garden, from the soil to planting heirloom seeds and plant markers. This indoor garden can be put anywhere, such as on a kitchen countertop, windowsill, porch, or the outdoor garden.

Available at: Amazon

9. Literature Candle

Image  Source: Uncommon Goods

For the cottagecore connoisseur in your circle, purchase this candle inspired by seven classic works of literature. Each of these hand-poured soy wax candles will make you think of the characters, settings, and events from the seven classic tales.

Available at: Uncommon Goods

10. Dove Huggies - Hoop Earrings

Image Source: Hey Harper

If you think that excellence is the norm, then this gorgeous pair of hoop earrings for women should be your go-to piece of jewelry. Huggies are sweatproof and waterproof. Be it a night out on the town or a day in the office, the earrings are made to fit any style.

Available at: Hey Harper, Amazon

11. My Family Cookbook

Image Source: Uncommon Goods

Since this holiday is a time to spend with family, why not get this cookbook for your family as a Christmas gift? This cookbook has 80 blank pages for you to write down recipes that you want to remember and use for years to come. You can also create your own food journal using the recipe template, and photo album.

Available at: Uncommon Goods, Amazon

12. Theragun Pro

Image Source: Amazon

Maybe you need something for your favorite biker? If your friend suffers from muscle pain from bike riding on a hot day, this pocket-sized Theragun Pro may just be the best companion they need. As it penetrates deep into the muscle, it helps muscles recover faster while also reducing soreness. 

Available at: Amazon

13. Estelle Colored Glass Stemmed Wine Glass (Set of 6)

Image Source: West Elm

Why not add some iridescent color to your holiday dinner table setting? This antique-inspired set of wine glasses is sure to please the hostess with the mostess. Each glass is hand blown by polish artisans and comes in a variety of classic colors.

Available at: West Elm, Nordstrom

14. Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Image Source: Joey Lopez Design

Spark more curiosity in the kiddie coder in your house. They can get creative and start coding right away with this fun and artistic coding robot. It provides pre-programmed designs ranging from tic tac robots to artistic masterpieces suitable for both beginners and advanced coders. It does not need an internet connection and comes with Artie 3000 robot, washable markers, and activity cards.

Available at: Amazon

15. Harness Walk Kit

Image Source: Wild One

If you enjoy walking your dog in the park, this harness kit is an all-in-one on-the-go essential for them. The set includes dirt and odor-proof leash, a lightweight and comfortable dog harness, and a matching poop bag carrier.

Available at: Amazon

16. Tea Forte Single Steeps Loose Leaf Teas

Image Source: Amazon

Get these artisan-crafted loose-leaf teas for anyone on your list. It contains 5 different types of health-promoting teas from the world's most beautiful gardens, including Bombay chai, Morocco Mint, African Solstice, organic Sencha, and estate Darjeeling. Each of the 15 assorted pouches is pre-portioned for a single serving. So, whether at home or outside, anyone can make the perfect cup of hot tea.

Available at: Amazon

17. Folding Chair

Image Source: Amazon

We've all got that adventurous friend who is never at home and is always on a mountain or a road trip. They'll appreciate having a folding chair to relax in while out campaigning. This folding chair from KingCamp is perfect for hunting, road trips, mountaineering, motorcycling, fishing, picnic, beach BBQs, as well as other light outdoor activities. The breathable mesh design, combined with the soft armrest, makes sitting comfortable. The chair has side pockets for keys, phones, and snacks. Every time your friend goes on a tour, they will think of you and be grateful for your presence in their lives.

Available at: Amazon

18. Canvas Tote

Image Source: Nordstrom

If you're on TikTok, you've probably seen this tote bag that's been trending for the entire year. This neat-looking tote bag has enough space inside for a dozen books or a laptop. The recipient can leave their purse at home and use the tote bag to get around. Another option is, they can go to the farmers' market and channel their inner Ina Garten.

Available at: Nordstrom, Duluth Trading

19. YogaToes GEMS

Image Source: Amazon

Speaking of gift ideas found on TikTok, this gel toe stretcher & toe Separator has become insanely popular over there in the last few months. Get this one-of-a-kind gift for your trainer or anyone else who suffers from painful bunions and hammer toes. Although it might seem hilarious at first, it works wonders for people who have to stand all day in high heels.

Available at: Amazon

20. Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Eye Brightener

Image Source: Fenty Beauty

Let's hear it for the eye kit that has been the rage in 2022. This undereye brightener matches every skin tone and easily brightens and conceals the area while giving a no-makeup look. With just a few taps, it gives a flawless finish. You can see why the beauty gurus are obsessed with it.

Available at: Fenty Beauty, Ulta

21. Zulay Original Milk Frother

Image Source: Amazon

Remember the Dalgona coffee trend during the pandemic? Well, now the trend has shifted to the milk frother for coffee. This is the ideal gift for a coffee addict who can't get enough of a Cappuccino, Frappe, Macchiato, and so on. This handheld frother creates creamy froth in seconds and is simple to use. There's a good reason why it has 61,103 5-star reviews.

Available at: Amazon

22. Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw

Image Source: Nordstrom

During the colder holiday season, everyone appreciates a good blanket. Perfect for cuddling up while watching a movie on a chilly evening. This wonderfully plush blanket is available in a range of classic colors. Machine washing and tumble drying are safe as well.

Available at:  Nordstrom

23. Fluffy Plush Slide

Image Source: Amazon

Give your giftee the sensation of walking on clouds with Jessica Simpson's popular Fluffy Plush Slide. The iconic, stylish scuff slides come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit everyone. These house slippers are not only adorable but also perfect for all-day wear in summer. If the slippers become dirty, simply throw them in the washing machine to clean and they will look brand new.

Available at: Amazon

24. Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Image Source: Brooklinen

A silk pillowcase is one of my favorite gifts to give to any beauty geek. To upgrade their bedding, get them a luxurious Brooklinen's Silk Pillowcase. After sleeping on it, they will wake up with smooth hair and wrinkle-free skin. Because of the insulating fabric, it feels buttery soft, and breathable. There are four permanent colors and prints available, as well as limited-edition options. Most importantly, this silk pillowcase will make them eager to get into bed as early as possible each night.

Available at: Amazon, Brooklinen

25. Hair Dryer Brush

Image Source: Amazon

If your bestie doesn't already own this, she's seriously missing out on having bouncy, healthy, frizz-free hair. Not just any ordinary hairbrush would qualify as a gift; this one is special. The original REVLON hair dryer and hot air brush are easy to use and have three heat and speed settings. With its price, it's no surprise that most beauty gurus consider it as the best option for styling, drying, and volumizing hair. All of this in just one step, with 30% less frizzy hair.

Available at: Amazon

26. Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Image Source: Amazon

Artisan’s stand mixer is one of the best on the market. If your mother enjoys hosting dinner parties, shopping this for her will make her happy. You can even select one of the 20 available colors to match your kitchen design. Whether you need a lot of chocolate chip cookies or shredded chicken for friends and family at dinner, this mixer has the power and durability to handle it all. 

Available at: Amazon, Kitchen Aid

27. Spruce Steamer

Image Source: Our Place

Speaking of kitchen accessories, giving the high-quality Spruce Steamer baskets from Our Place is one of the unique gift ideas. It's perfect for dumplings and other dishes. It has handwoven spruce walls and a bamboo base, as well as 15 paper liners and a set of bamboo cooking chopsticks, making it an ideal Christmas gift for apartment dwellers with small capacity.

Available at: Our Place

28. Bigjigs Rail 112pc Mountain Wooden Train Set

Image Source: Amazon

If you're looking for something for the kids at home, this well-made set appears to be a good fit. The wooden set comes with 50 train accessories, as well as a traditional railway station, a working crane,  bridges, a mountain pass, cars, and figures. After you set it up, it basically becomes a mountain wooden railway village in your home. The toy set is made of sustainable wood and contains non-toxic paints.

Just a hint: Although it's intended for children, adults can also use this set to spruce up their homes for the holidays.

Available at: Amazon

29. Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Image Source: Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez really outdid herself with a liquid blush that is silky, glides on smoothly, and is long-lasting. This fan-favorite liquid blush from Rare Beauty is not actually liquid, but rather creamy, so it layers beautifully without disturbing makeup. it's made of white water lilies, gardenia, and lotus. This multi-tasking blush blends and builds seamlessly for a soft flush of color on your cheeks. aside from the quality, the blush bottle looks very cute. Once you begin, it will not only become a daily occurrence but also something you force on every friend, relative, or total stranger who uses the word "blush" in your presence.

Available at: Rare Beauty

30. The Nettie Set - Double Pack 

Image Source: Play Nettie

These days, pickleball is extremely popular, and Nettie does a fantastic job of bringing color and whimsy to the game. The gorgeous paddles are perfect for beginner and intermediate players as they are lightweight and have a mid-weight honeycomb core to help with balance and control. With the sweatbands also included, this can also be a collectible due to the colorful designs on the paddles, making it the perfect gift for your best friend. The Nettie Set makes a wonderful present as nothing beats playing pickleball with friends and family during this holiday season.

Available at: Amazon, Play Nettie

31. Kodak M35 35mm Film Camera

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

A vintage Kodak might be one of the best Christmas gifts. This is a reusable camera so when the film runs out, you can restock it, allowing you to continue capturing memories. There is a greeting card inside the box; by scanning the QR code printed on it, you can access the user manual online. Just a tip: Use 35mm photographic films, like Fuji Superia, Ultramax, or Kodak.

Available at: Amazon

Getting Christmas gifts for your closest ones is a wonderful tradition that everyone strives to uphold during the holiday season. It also feels good to surprise someone we care about with something they enjoy. It's the sweetest way to tell them how much you love them, how grateful you are for their presence in your life, and how much you treasure the time you spend together.

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