10 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas for First Time Fathers

by Note with Love Team - Jun 12, 2024
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Celebrating Father’s Day is a beautiful way to honor and thank the incredible fathers in our lives. But it becomes much more meaningful when it is someone’s first time being a father. It’s an opportunity to reflect on their journey into parenthood and make treasured memories with their child. 

If you’re looking for unique and emotional Father’s Day gift ideas to make the day memorable, this is the place to be. Here are 10 cute and sincere Father’s Day gift ideas to make this day unique for the new amazing dads.

When we say first time fathers, we envision new fathers of infants. However, it is not unusual to become the father of an older child by marriage or by adoption. Fortunately, these ideas perfectly apply to any new dads out there.

1. Baby and Daddy Photoshoot

Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels

The simplest way to document a first-time father’s precious memories while he celebrates his first Father’s Day as a parent himself is with a photoshoot. It can be DIY or done by a professional photographer.

Capture all the special moments between the new father and his child. For many years to come, memories of these endearing pictures will be cherished. 

Effort level 3/5

If the photo shoot is a surprise for the father, the baby’s mother, and others must prepare backdrops at home, set up the lawn, or choose a place and stuff for the session.

2. Baby Footprint Art DIY Project

Try your hand at a DIY baby footprint art project. Make cute artwork with the baby’s footprints using non-toxic, safe paint. As a one-of-a-kind and sentimental gift, frame the painting and give it to the new dad. You can check out Etsy for the frame.

You can also use handprint instead of footprint of the baby. 

Effort level 2/5

Simply dip the baby’s feet in the paint just enough to cover the soles of their feet, then make them tread on a white canvas.

3. Father’s Day Coupon book

Photo from Just Simply Mom

Make a DIY coupon book with special incentives like “a night of uninterrupted sleep” or “no diaper duty day” that the new dad may use all year long. 

Similarly, there can be coupons like “no school duty” or “breakfast in bed” if the baby is older.

Get printable free on just simply mom.

Effort level 3/5

This includes creating and putting together the coupon book with printable that you can easily find online. The efforts may be very less here, but remember the tasks will need to be executed by someone, most probably you!

4. Make a Memory Jar

A memory jar could be a terrific way to surprise your first-time father on this special day. Decorate a jar and suggest family members write down meaningful experiences, amusing tales, or triumphs throughout the year, particularly on Father’s Day.

Gather these letters, and on Father’s Day, read them aloud to honor the wonderful experience of fatherhood. It could be wonderful to continue this custom each year.

Effort level 2/5

A memory jar can be filled with nothing more than thoughts written on paper.

5. DIY “World’s Best Dad” trophy

Photo by RDNE Stock project on Pexels

What could be better than making him a handcrafted plaque or trophy crowning him the “World’s Best Dad”? You may simply use paper, paint, and glitter to make a special, personalized token of thanks; it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. 

Involve the baby if possible. Let them add the glitter or colors for their wonderful dad.

Effort level 1/5

All you need to draw and design a trophy are materials like cardboard as a base color and glitter.

6. Surprise Family Reunion

Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels

Plan a special family feast to honor the new father. Invite your loved ones and decorate the area with balloons, streamers, and custom banners. As he enjoys the company of loved ones, prepare the new dad’s favorite dish to show admiration for the excellent parent he has become.

Effort level 3/5

If the spouse is in charge of the party planning, the workload is reduced with the support of other family members. New parents already have their plates full with workloads. So it will be wise to order food from outside for the party.

7. Create a Father’s Day video

Photo by Monstera on Pexels

A video detailing the new dad’s journey thus far is one of the best Father’s day gift ideas. What could be cuter than a movie of someone who was once a baby and now has a newborn who will soon call him “Dad”? Family and friends might also gather and record short greetings, memories, and words of appreciation. He can always look back on it as a fond keepsake.

Effort level 2/5

Thanks to apps like Capcut, recording, and editing is a no-brainer in 2024.

8. Visit his childhood home 

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on Pexels

Plan a nostalgic trip to the first-time father’s childhood home. Before going, contact and explain the reason for your visit to the existing tenants or owners. If workable, keep the visit a surprise for him until he arrives at the spot where he has happy memories. 

Explore the surroundings, reflect on his early escapades, and allow him to tell family members stories. This vacation will rekindle memories and strengthen his bonds with his roots, allowing him to reflect on how far he has grown as a father.

Effort level 5/5

Reaching out to the present residents or owners, selecting a date and time, arranging transportation, and guaranteeing the presence of family members or close friends are all necessary steps in planning this surprise visit.

9. Plan a Surprise Outdoor Movie Night

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Pexels

Create a small outdoor movie theater in your garden for a surprise movie night under the night sky. Set up a projector, arrange some comfy seats, and serve tasty treats.

To watch as a family, pick a movie that he likes or one that is suitable for children. It’s a special and timeless means for families to spend precious time together.

This idea may not be the best one with a newborn baby. However, it is more about the new dad relaxing and enjoying in presence of his baby.

Effort level 1/5

To host an outdoor movie night, all you need are some snacks and a projector.

10. Surprise getaway 

Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels

Make a weekend getaway out of it for the new father or his family.

Pick a place that has some meaning for him or offers novel experiences. It could be a secluded lodge in the woods, a coastal getaway, or a trip to a beloved city.

Together with family, the change to the surroundings and quality time can create long-lasting memories.

Effort level 4/5

This idea takes careful thought when choosing a location, making travel plans, arranging a motel to stay, and setting up an activity schedule. It takes time to look for suitable places, compare pricing, and make bookings in advance.

Final Thoughts

With all these preparations, don’t miss out on sending your dad a warm Father’s day wish! Remember, celebrating Father’s Day isn’t about coming up with a unique gift or spending a lot of money. Making the new dad feel loved, valued, and cherished on this special day—is what matters most!

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