How To Write A Thanksgiving Message For Your Boss, Coworker, Or Student!

    by Note with Love Team - Dec 14, 2022
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    Not denying that Thanksgiving is a time for food, fun, and family reunion, but let’s not forget the holiday’s main theme of counting blessings. Aside from sending Thanksgiving wishes for family and friends, express your gratitude to your favorite coworker, boss, or employees, and so on. Sending Thanksgiving cards is a thoughtful practice to express your appreciation for people you admire.

    When and why do you need to write a Thanksgiving card for people at work?

    With thanksgiving day quickly approaching, it’s time to start crafting Thanksgiving cards or greetings for your workplace peeps.

    First and foremost, Thanksgiving wishes will always make the recipient happy. Expressing gratitude at work to deserving folks has been proven to improve workplace morale, employee productivity, and performance. People feel appreciated when their time and efforts are recognized.

    So, this Thanksgiving day, make a conscious effort to send personalized messages to those who toil with you every business day.

    How you can write a perfect formal Thanksgiving message?

    • Keep your composure and message short when crafting formal Thanksgiving greetings.
    • Depending on your relationship with the recipient, you will have to choose the type of thanksgiving card or email you send.
    • If you have a work BFF you can irritate, sending a funny GIF or meme or tagging them on social media might be the best way to wish them a happy Thanksgiving.
    • A handwritten note, personalized message, or thanksgiving card would do if your relationship with your coworker is more formal in nature.
    • When writing to your boss or a superior, focus on creating a more formal Thanksgiving greeting. Go for a handwritten note. Keep your message short and add personal touch so it seems sincere.

    Thanksgiving messages for Boss

    • This year has been an adventure, and I appreciate your guidance and support. I’d also like to thank you for all of your efforts and assistance, which have been crucial to our success. I’m grateful to have such a wonderful mentor guiding me and my team. I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving.
    • As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we’d like to take a moment to express how grateful we are for all of your input in shaping this office into a community that fosters professional development. We wish you a blissful and abundant Thanksgiving.
    • I’ve learned a lot from you over the years, and I can’t thank you enough for all the skills and knowledge you’ve shared with me. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Thanksgiving messages for Employees

    • We just wanted to let you know that you are a big part of why we are still going strong during the holidays. Thank you for your efforts and commitment to our team. Happy Thanksgiving.
    • It’s been a very challenging year for everyone. You did an excellent job, and your assistance was critical to our success. Thank you so much. Enjoy your holiday.
    • Now that we have some time to think about it, we recall the day we chose to hire you and see that we struck gold when we hired you. Happy Thanksgiving!
    • We toast the best employee of the holiday season. You did an excellent job. I hope you enjoy some downtime. I wish you a relaxing Thanksgiving.
    • You are both an excellent employee and a wonderful person. Have a good time and eat some delicious turkey.

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    Thanksgiving messages for Coworkers

    • You make such a great team member. Thank you for bringing your cheerful attitude to work every day. I wish you a cozy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!
    • I want you to know that I am immensely thankful for covering for me when I was sick. Every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside you. Merry Thanksgiving!
    • You are the most amazing coworker I have ever had. You and this office will live on in my memory for the rest of my life. You are a pleasure to work with.  Enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving!
    • You are both an excellent colleague and a wonderful person. Have a good time and eat some delicious turkey. Season’s greetings!

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    Thanksgiving messages for Teachers

    • Congratulations on your promotion to professor! Thank you for being so thoughtful to us. Without your help, I specifically would not have come this far. Happy Thanksgiving!
    • Looking back, I believe you played the most important role in my success. You have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience and I am grateful for that. Hope we get to meet next Thanksgiving.

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    Thanksgiving messages for Students

    • On Thanksgiving, I want to thank all of the students for the effort and commitment you bring to class every day. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy, happiness, and lots of fun.
    • Happy Thanksgiving to all the students. May you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and make many wonderful memories.
    • Thanksgiving is a gentle reminder for everyone to express gratitude to the Almighty for all the love and blessings He has given us. I wish you a very happy holiday season.
    • Have a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope it is filled with laughter and joy.

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    Thanksgiving messages for Clients

    • We are grateful to have you as a client. Best wishes for the holiday season.
    • We wish you a pleasant Thanksgiving. We hope your day-to-day is as blessed as Thanksgiving.
    • Thanksgiving is a time to express our thanks. We are grateful to have you on board. May this Thanksgiving bring you and your family happiness and joy.

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    Thanksgiving messages for Business Partner

    • We’ve reached many new heights together. It has always been a pleasure to work with you, and on this Thanksgiving, I am truly grateful for our partnership.
    • We wish you a very happy thanksgiving. Thank you for being a part of our expanding brand.
    • We appreciate the numerous opportunities to work with you. From our business to yours, Merry Thanksgiving.

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    Some common formal Thanksgiving messages

    • Thank you so much for your patronage this year. We’ve truly enjoyed serving you!
    • This year, we have so much to be thankful for and you are one of them! Thank you for joining us on our adventure this year.
    • This Thanksgiving, I’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you.  I appreciate your contribution to making our business a success.

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    Thanksgiving cards or messages have a significant impact on our relationships, particularly at work. So take the initiative, and express your admiration on thanksgiving day. Let them know how they’ve made your life easier.

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