22 Most Beautiful Ideas to Announce Engagement

by Note with Love Team - Jul 9, 2024
22 Most Beautiful Ideas to Announce Engagement

One of the most exciting days in a person's life is when they're asked to be engaged. But if you're planning on announcing your engagement, announce it in the best possible way by utilizing all forms of engagement. To help you along in this journey, we've compiled ideas for creative engagement announcements ranging from offline engagement announcements to social media posts.

Why announce your engagement?

Engagement is a special moment in a couple's life. It is the first step toward marriage and it comes with lots of excitement, happiness, and joy. So why should you announce your engagement? Because an engagement announcement will let everyone in your life know that you're ahead of another step with your partner. And it's a great way to —

  1. Share the happy news with loved ones: Getting engaged is a significant milestone in our lives, and announcing it is a great way to share the joy and excitement with friends and family.
  2. Celebrate the relationship: Announcing the engagement can be a way to celebrate the relationship publicly and show how committed you are, as a couple, is to each other.
  3. Inviting people to celebrate: Your engagement announcement will make your own people save their dates in advance. So that you can invite them to celebrate your day with them.
  4. Planning the Wedding: If you’re planning to get married soon, announcing the engagement can help you get the word out and start planning the wedding.
  5. Social media Culture: We love to share news of our everyday life with friends and followers on social media. And announcing engagement is the easiest way to share your happiness and keep your followers engaged.

Ideas for offline engagement announcement

1. Host a dinner party

Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels

Plan a special dinner with your friends or family and tell your loved ones over the meal. Or you can share the news and surprise them during a family gathering like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

2. Spill it Out in a Scavenger hunt

Photo by N. on Unsplash

Invite your friends and organize a scavenger hunt. Put the final clue that leads to your engagement announcement. It’ll be fun and full of excitement to know your special news

3. Send Gift Cards

Photo by Helena Hertz on Unsplash

Send out custom-made engagement announcement cards to your loved ones. You can add small gifts like a miniature hourglass with a tag that says, “We had to stop waiting” Or tea bags with a tag “spilling the tea”.

4. Create a Sign Board

Put up a sign in your yard or on your front door to announce your engagement. You can also use a chalkboard or letter board to create a cute message to share the news.

5. Plan a Getaway

Photo by Jennifer Murray on Pexels

Trip-lovers? We've got engagement announcement ideas as per your tastes. Plan a getaway with your friends or family. Surprise your partner and others with a proposal during the trip. (Double task in one trip!)

6. Use a Skywriter

Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

Looking for ideas for creative engagement announcements? This might help you out. Use a skywriter or a banner plane to announce your engagement in the sky. Not only your loved ones but your partner will be amazed as well.

7. Include a Puzzle Game

Photo by DS stories on Pexels

Involve your friends in a puzzle game and surprise them with the news. Create a custom puzzle with a picture of you and your partner and include the engagement announcement as the final piece. 

8. Personalized t-shirt

Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

Get your t-shirt personalized with captions that announce the news for you. Choose captions like “MISS” to ”Mrs.” or “Girlfriend to Fiance” or Boyfriend to Fiance written on it and surprise your loved ones.

Ideas for Engagement Announcements on social media

9. Feature Your Pet

Photo by Min An on Pexels

You could pretty much break any kind of news as long as it coincides with a cat pun or an adorable dog face. Invite your pets to the photo shoot, make them a sign that says "My humans are getting married", “My Mummy said YES” etc, or let them pose with the ring. 

10. Capture the Actual Moment

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels

Have a professional photographer capture the moment of the proposal and share the pictures with your loved ones. Use some sweet captions to make it stellar. 

11. Spotlight on the Ring

Photo by Nick Greaux on Pexels

Nothing is louder than your engagement ring to announce the news. Take a close-up photo showing off your ring and share it on your social media. (There are thousands of poses and angles to capture this. Give it a search and pick the one you like.) 

12. Get your Coffee Mug involved

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels

Have your barista with “fiancé”, “Mr. and future Mrs.”  or “I asked” and “he/she said yes” written on it. (Sometimes it's fun to leave some hints and see how many of your friends can figure out the clues!)

13. Spell it with Scrabble Pieces

Photo by Leah Newhouse on Pexels

Using Scrabble letters and the engagement ring, spell out what you both really feel right now! You can go with words like — LOVE, FOREVER, OMG, etc. Embrace with your ring to make it mesmerizing.

14. Get Inked

Photo by Maor Attias on Pexels

Grab a marker of the non-permanent and simply write the news on your hand and capture it to announce the news on social media. You can choose traditional texts like “I asked” or “She said YES” to write and announce your engagement news.

15. Be Crafty with Papers

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels

Craft on heart shape paper and write your special news on it. Capture a beautiful photo of your and your partner holding the papers and share news of your engagement.

16. Go with Wordy Trend

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels

Write down the news, capture it, and share it. You can write on a chalkboard, sand, or craft it on a wall with color spray. These are the easiest ways to announce the news. (All you need to do is to choose a lovely caption to write e.g “Our journey starts here”)   

17. Keep it Simple with an Adorable Photo

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels

One of the simplest ways to make your announcement is to post an adorable picture of you and your partner holding a sign with the engagement news. (Don’t forget to use the hashtag “Just engaged”)

18. Create a Virtual Event

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

If you are to announce it online, create a Facebook or Instagram event to share the engagement news. Invite your friends and family and go on live to announce your big news

19. Make a Reel

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels

Make a reel video of your relationship and end it with an engagement announcement. It’s one of the trendy engagement announcement ideas to share and keep the moment on your timeline forever.

20. Create a cute Animation

If you and your partner would rather leave the camera out of it, animation can be a cute way to announce your engagement. Hire a graphic designer or professional animator and have them create a cute animation or doodle of you and your partner doing whatever it is you like to do. 

21. Share it with a funny Meme

Photo from Pinterest

If you’re a fun person, be a little funky while announcing engagement news. Pick a funny meme or gif to share the news on your social media. (There are loads of memes over the internet with funny captions to announce that you’re engaged)

22. Customized Snapchat Filter

Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels

Use a customized Snapchat filter and capture a lovely couple-photo to announce your engagement announcement. You can write the date, names (e.g. Harry ❤ Ginny), and other effects to make it more intensive


Engagement is a huge part of the relationship itself. You can take these above engagement announcement ideas to make your announcement memorable. But the most important thing is to make sure you're both smiling and happy when you announce an engagement. This is your big day, so make sure you make it special for yourself first.

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