Make New Years Resolutions That You Will Want to Stick To

by Note with Love Team - Dec 30, 2022
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Only 19% of people follow their New Years resolutions, according to this research. You might be tempted to blame a broken resolution on setting impossible goals or your lack of determination.  Thus, you must be careful while making resolutions or you chance not to follow through with them.

At the start of each new year, it is customary for people to make vows to keep up good routines, change their negative traits or habits, achieve goals, or generally behave better. These are simply known as New Years resolutions. Here are some top trending New year's resolutions in case you are looking for inspirations.

Many people believe that the New Year is an ideal time to begin making changes like these as it represents fresh start. So how can you stick to your plan and keep your resolution? In this article, I’ve offered nifty tips on how you can commit to your resolutions without any hassle.

Why Make Resolutions?

New Year's Eve offers people a new beginning. They can put their past problems behind them and work toward a brighter future and to transform their lives for the better. Some desire to lose weight, while others want to quit smoking or climb a mountain. Whether it sounds corny or not, deciding to improve yourself is fantastic!

You're probably thinking that this can't be the only reason why people make resolutions. And, you're right. The reasons behind people's resolutions are completely dependent on them. You should make your own resolutions because:

  • It will aid you in becoming the person you desire to be. Even if you don't succeed in following your plan, keep in mind that having the desire to improve will help you go where you want to go. You want to begin losing weight? The first step in your path is making a firm resolution.
  • It can inspire you and other people as well. You tend to inspire others when you strive to do better for yourself. For instance, if you're trying to quit smoking, you could motivate others to do the same.
  • It makes you more positive and cheerful. You not only believe that things can improve for you, and your professional career, but you also put in more effort to make it happen.
  • It could bring some stability into your life. Sure, you may not know what will happen tomorrow, let alone in the upcoming year. However, having a general idea of where you want to go in life can really help you make the right choices and offer stability as well as some assurance.

Tips to Stick to the Plan

If you want to keep your resolution it is best to pick something that is realistic and has personal significance for you. Do not be influenced by new social media fads or anything else of such a nature. Be realistic, or you won’t be able to stick to your plan. Don't allow your passion to drive you in choosing unachievable goals, even if you are feeling inspired and enthusiastic about them.

You also need to avoid caving into baser desires. Adding cheat days simply because you feel like it won't help you become healthier. Additionally, you need to prepare yourself to face the challenges the year throws at you or you won't be able to follow through with your plans. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

1. Key Is Choosing the Right Resolution

The most crucial aspect of keeping your resolution is choosing the right one. Keep in mind that most people fail to follow through on their plans because they don't make the correct choice. The only way to avoid losing motivation is to set resolutions in line with your lifestyle and what you reasonably expect to accomplish. Also, aim to set just one objective every year, even if there are multiple appropriate ones.

How to Pick Your Resolution?

Choosing sensible New Years resolutions can be quite difficult. Tons of  things could be on your list that you desire to attain. However, by the end of the year, you might find that you've given up on many of those resolutions entirely. To avoid giving up in midway, you must choose objectives you can achieve. Here are some tips for selecting your resolution:

  • Pick something that benefits you. You shouldn't choose a resolution just because everyone else is doing it or because you saw it on social media. Choose a resolution that will benefit you long-term, such as getting a healthy body or adopting positive thinking.
  • Choose something that is within your reach. You don't want to make a resolution and then break it just because you chose an extravagant one.
  • Choose a resolution you've never tried before. It is preferable to come up with a new resolution if you keep trying your previous one and failing.
  • Choose a resolution that motivates and inspires you. For instance, if you are drawn to a positive lifestyle, adopt positive thinking and steer clear of pessimistic things.
  • Choose a resolution that encourages personal development. The resolutions that push you toward your ideal self and assist you in being who you want to be are the most successful and inspiring ones. However, if you are trying to change your bad habits, focus one at a time.
  • Pick a resolution that won't significantly restrict your daily activities. This might ruin the fun of making a new years resolution. For instance, consider a healthy approach to weight loss rather than making a commitment to losing weight by restrictive dieting methods like the Paleo-Vegan diet or the Carnivore diet.

Small Goals vs Big Goals

While achieving our goals might be challenging, giving them up is very simple. The magnitude of the resolutions has a big impact on how closely you stick to the plan. Because it seems like everything needs to be done in one go, larger goals that people make for themselves can become overwhelming. Therefore, choosing smaller goals can be good for you because you can easily achieve them. Additionally, you can divide a big goal into several smaller ones to make the resolution more engaging.

2. Make a Plan

Now that you know how to choose your resolutions, it’s time to make a plan. You will most certainly abandon your resolution if you don't have a plan since you won't have anything to guide you toward your goal. You don't want to abandon your goals in the middle of the year, do you? So, start planning.

What to Include in a Plan?

You can stay on track with your objective by writing up a comprehensive plan. But what should you include in such a plan?  First and foremost, make a list of the goals you wish to accomplish. Next, create a list of possible steps you must take to accomplish those goals. Make a note of any potential roadblocks as well. 

For example, if you want to quit smoking or vaping, first write down this objective. Next, write down the steps you must take to achieve it, such as refraining from purchasing cigarettes or dumping the vape pod, etc. Next, list any possible barriers you may face, such as nicotine cravings. You'll be more likely to keep your resolution if you are focused on what you want to achieve and any potential obstacles.

3. Start Small

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Choose resolutions that you believe you can achieve. One of the main causes of resolution failures is making lofty resolutions. So, instead of pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, start small. Focus on taking small steps that will eventually enable you to achieve your bigger goal rather than working too hard too fast and then giving up on your resolutions.

4. Use Gadgets

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Along with taking small steps, you should also use the devices you have. Nowadays there are plenty of gadgets that can help you in achieving your goals like losing weight, becoming more disciplined, or improving your health. You can even use applications on your smartphone to keep track of your achievements and goals.

5. Keep Room for Error

You have to accept that there will be times in life when things will not go as planned. Be flexible and remember that minor setbacks on the way to your objectives are entirely natural and acceptable. So, if you make a mistake, don't be too hard on yourself. Also, remember that the path to success ain't linear and that change takes time to be noticeable.

6. Reward Yourself and Decide What Will Be at Stake if You Fail

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Treat yourself if you reach the target you set for the year. Celebrate achieving the little goals as well. Celebrating minor successes might provide you with the inspiration you need to uphold your resolutions over the long run. Additionally, you should determine what will be at risk if you fail. This will help to keep you focused.

7. Work In A Group If It Helps

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Having social support can really help you follow through on your resolution. Although you don't have to join any specific social group, you should tell either one or two people—preferably a friend or member of your family—that you have set a resolution. This way, they can encourage you, give you tips, and hold you accountable.

8. Take Inspiration From Others

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Even if they aren't consciously aware of it, people learn mostly through seeing how others behave. Therefore, surrounding yourself with like-minded people will encourage you to follow your resolutions more.

Concluding Thoughts

One of our most cherished yearly rituals is making resolutions for the upcoming year. And it doesn't have to be a letdown every year. Now choose the perfect resolution that resonates with you and stick to it.

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