Ultimate Christmas gift Ideas for GenZ

by Note with Love Team - Dec 18, 2022
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Christmas, the happiest season of the year, is almost here! This year will finally mark the end of our two-year pandemic in 2020 and 2021 when we will no longer be attending Christmas parties via Zoom or Facetime. Unwrapping presents will no longer be lonely.

Shopping for Christmas presents is clearly a holiday tradition. And, with the ease of online shopping, it's now easier than ever. When we say "online shopping," we don't mean putting off your holiday shopping, buying a last-minute gift, or doing the bare minimum.

If you use TikTok, you may have found yourself creating the #HolidayWishList after scrolling past numerous gift guide videos all set to the merriest holiday tunes. Everyone seems prepared for December. You won't believe this, but I even saw a kid in a suit and tie giving his parents a full PowerPoint presentation about his Christmas wish list!

After watching what seemed like an endless amount of videos and using my own gift-giving skills, I rounded up some of the best items that any Gen Z would never dare to return.

Gift Ideas for Tech-Savvy Ones

1. Tech Taffy

Image Source: Tech Candy

Tech Taffy is a miraculous cleaning solution. It works wonders on keyboards, electronics, car vents, and crevices. If you have a data nerd or a programming hero in your life who spends all day typing on a keyboard, Tech Taffy is the best friend they could have. This unusually pretty pink and yellow product combats bacteria while also removing dust.

Available at: Tech Candy

2. Smart Reusable Notebook

Image Source

Reducing the use of paper is an excellent way to help the environment. The Rocketbook system is a smart reusable notebook designed for the classroom, workplace, and at home. It combines traditional writing experience with the power of the cloud.

Available at: Amazon

3. Foldable Drone

Image Source: Amazon

Not that I can read people's minds, but a foldable drone is at the top of the wish list for gearheads. The Holy Stone HS260 or drone is a great tech gift for adults and teens alike. Possibly the best aerial photography option for beginners. Whether traveling, sports, or parties, it can capture your stunning and unique memories in Full HD video from a wide range. 

Available at: Amazon

4. Connected Cube

Image Source: Cool Things

Is there anyone who hasn't used a Rubik's cube at some point in their lives? Be serious! For a more intelligent gift idea, get this digital and electronic version of this iconic toy. With The Original Rubik's Connected everyone can literally learn how to solve the cube and #D puzzle with the gift guide and compete with friends and cubers around the world.

Available at: Amazon

Gift Ideas for Makeup Lovers

1. Freck Beauty Best of Freck Holiday Set

Image Source: Instyle

For those who care about ingredients in beauty products, respect the process, and don't care about rules, getting them Freck Beauty is a bold choice out of all Christmas gift ideas. They have packaged two of the best-selling products and are now available as the ideal stocking stuffer. It includes their Lashrocket Mascara and Freck OG for nearly half the price. There's a good reason why this pair is known as the "power couple" in TikTok.

Available atFreck Beauty

2. ULTA Set of 12 Days of Beauty

Image Source: Hello Magazine

Have you considered what can be the perfect gift for your little makeup artist at home? Although this beauty set appears small, it contains 12 different products. From lip-mask to eye makeup, everything is included. 

 Available at: Amazon, ULTA

3. Tarte Maracuja Juicy Squad Lip Balm

Image Source: Muse Beauty

If you're short of Christmas gift ideas let me tell you Tarte's latest smash is now available as a holiday set which is a great gift option for your fave MUA. The Maracuja lippies' ridiculously moisturizing formula and balm-like texture that give off a glass-like sheen is their best feature. 

Available at: Muse Beauty

4. Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara By Chantecaille

Image Source: Chantecaille

Do you know what a fashionista's first love is? Either the mini eye kit or the multipurpose palettes. Treat your loved one to a luxurious mascara that gives fuller, thicker, and longer lashes. The growth-peptide-infused formula from Chantecaille is best suited for enhancing eyelashes.

 Available at: ChantecailleAmazon

Gift Ideas for Game Lovers

1. My Arcade Retro Machine

Image Source: Amazon

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for your nephew or niece? The mini arcade could be an excellent choice. There are 200 built-in retro-inspired games in this tiny arcade machine. The best thing about the machine is that it doesn't require quarters like the ones at the arcades. It even comes with a speaker for in-game audio and is battery-powered.

 Available at: Amazon

2. Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook

Image Source: Dice breaker

The rule book for the classic tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons could be one of the best Christmas gifts ever for any gamer. It's a lot of fun to create exciting characters out of the most iconic D&D races and classes on. Kids from Gen Z who like tabletop role-playing games will find this to be a great gift because they will become totally engrossed in the rulebook.

Available at: Amazon

3. Apple Arcade

Image Source: 9 to 5 mac

If the person receiving your gift enjoys playing games on their iPhone, I suggest a subscription service like Apple Arcade. Anyone can enjoy Apple Arcade, a game subscription service with their Apple device. It has more than 200 fun, high-quality games and brings a more streamlined experience than typical App Store games.

 Available at: Apple

4. Nintendo Switch Online 12-Month Individual Membership

Image Source: Make use of

This is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys playing Switch games online. This is a paid service that transports you back to the 1990s vintage video games designed for the NES and SNES consoles. If you're wondering if it'll be worth it in 2022, just for the cloud saves, it is. I can assure you that much.

Available at: Amazon

5. Razer Firefly V2 Mouse Pad 

Image Source: Razer

One thing about PC gamers is that they enjoy having lighting around their desktop whether it is in the CPU, mouse, or keyboard. It's not like a mousepad with a light on it is necessary for a gamer, but they're obsessed with it. There are two different models of the Razer Firefly, one with a smooth, firm surface and the other with a silkier one.

Available at: Amazon

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

1. Kindle Paperwhite

Image Source: Pocket Lint

What about surprising a bibliophile with something other than a book? Perhaps a shelf of books, but we'll make it take up less room. A kindle paperwhite could make their love of books even more fulfilling. It does not strain the eyes and gives access to the library and Kindle Unlimited books. Even ardent readers of physical books will probably appreciate the idea of being able to download new books and read them wherever they are.

Available at: Amazon

2. Audible Subscription

Image Source: Audible

Audiobooks are currently popular among Generation Z. They are big fans of audiobooks. Some of them even see it as therapy. It also helps them in multitasking. Personally, I believe that an audible subscription would be the PERFECT gift for any reader. The gym, housework, long commutes, and even simple tasks like folding laundry have all been great times to listen to audiobooks.

Available at: Amazon, Audible

3. Short Story Advent Calendar

Image Source: Goodreads

The SSAC classic is back! For youngsters who enjoy reading, the collection includes 25 individual short stories, one for each night from December 1 to Christmas Day. Venita Blackburn, Steven Millhauser, Ander Monson, and John Stintzi are just a few of the best authors in North America and beyond who are featured in this advent.

Available at: Goodreads

4. Literature Candle

Image Source: Uncommon Goods

If you can't decide what to get your favorite Gen Z reader, give them this Literature candle to light up their life. Each of these hand-poured soy wax candles creates an enthralling mash-up of notes based on the characters, scenes, and settings from seven classics. With these warm, sweet-scented candles, you can see—or, better yet, smell—your favorite book come to life. 

Available at: Uncommon Goods

Gift Ideas that any Gen Z would love

1. Midnights LP By Taylor Swift

Image Source: Syracuse

Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated and now critically and commercially acclaimed 10th studio album Midnights on OCT 21. The album has broken numerous records including the best-selling vinyl week. It has become like a frenzy to have one of five "Midnights" vinyl even for those who don't have a record player. They are just so pretty.

Available at: Amazon, Target, Taylor Swift's official website

2. Embroidered Lavender Hoodie

Image Source: Glossier

Glossier had no choice but to release Olivia Rodrigo's signature lilac hoodie as the pop star went viral with her debut album "Sour". This hoodie has become Tiktok's favorite since she became a brand ambassador. Any kid from the Generation Z will love this gift.

Available at:  Glossier, Shopee

3. Theragun Mini

Image Source: Live Science

A Theragun is a percussive therapy device that is designed to penetrate deep into your muscles, allowing them to recover faster and with less soreness. For those whose elbows and forearms hurt from constant typing and sitting in front of the computer, or whose muscles hurt from biking on a hot day, the mini has become as important as keys and wallet.

Available at: Amazon

4. Ember mug 

Image Source: The Gadget Flow

When Ember, a startup, launched its temperature-controlled smart mug, it truly ignited a revolution. A hot beverage can be kept at any desired temperature between 120 and 145 °F in this heated coffee mug.  If someone enjoys drinking coffee or tea slowly and doesn't love coming back to a lukewarm or cold cup, then this is the gift you get them.

Available at: Amazon

5. StubHub Gift Cards

Image Source: 9to5 toys

This is the most Gen Z-approved gift card that keeps on giving. This generation enjoys attending live music concerts, sporting events, and other live events. Consider giving them an experience rather than focusing solely on finding a physical gift to wrap.

Available at: Amazon, StubHub

Enjoy the holiday of abundance and hope for a happy time away from the norms of daily life. The best way to make your favorite person's day brighter is by getting them the perfect Christmas gifts.

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