29 Ultimate Funny Birthday Wishes To Make Everyone Laugh

by Note with Love Team - Mar 17, 2024
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In the era of Facebook “Memories”, it’s so simple to wish someone a happy birthday with just a single click. Some of us, however, long for the days when we took the time to write meaningful birthday wishes for our friends and waited until midnight to hit send. Those were some of the sweetest gestures we made to make our loved ones happy.

Even though we’re accustomed to rushing through everything and automating it, we should still make an effort to make a special birthday wish for our closest friends. A sincere wish goes a long way, particularly in this era when celebrating birthdays has become so commercialized. And when it comes to our best friends, we can let go of politeness and be as amusing as we want.

Let me show you some of the funny and NOT-SO-POLITE Birthday wishes I have sent to my BFFs or received over the years.

The list caters to everyone, whether your friend is a nerd, afraid of ghosts, or perpetually single. Be it teasing or brutally roasting your friend, you’ll get it here. Sure you can use ChatGPT to generate something funny or use something from here, up to you!

  • Happy birthday, my dear partner in crime! I’m still in awe of how you manage to come up with the craziest, most outrageous ideas while getting away with it. Here’s hoping that this year brings us even more crazy adventures and that we stay out of the national news (at least for the wrong reasons).
  • Happy birthday, dear friend! I hope you will be kind enough to treat me to a buffet, as I have burned god knows how many calories just to wish you a happy day. Plus, I am trying to be as polite as possible today.
  • My dear friend, It’s your birthday, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank your mom, because let’s face it, she really took one for the team and saved all the other mothers out there from experiencing the same fate. I mean, just think about it - she had to put up with your teenage years and all the drama that came with it. What a true hero!
  • Did you know that the ancient Egyptians invented a birthday card, funny or not—to curse the longevity and health of their enemies? So here’s my contribution. Happy birthday, buddy (or, should I say, frenemy!
  • Waking you up early just to let you know that it’s your birthday and you have nothing to wish for as you already have me as your BFF. And since you insist, you can get me a present for your birthday.
  • It’s your birthday once more. Let go of worries from the past and the future. And as for the present, I didn’t get you one. Not even a birthday card funny wish. Please accept my half-assed birthday wish via social media.
  • Happy Birthday! So today we celebrate that you haven’t died last year. Interesting!
  • Once more, it’s that time of year when I get to express my gratitude for your consistently superior age to mine.
  • It’s your birthday, so take tomorrow off. Cause you are already one year closer to becoming a geezer, and a hangover takes longer when you’re this old.
  • My other half, happy birthday. And the icing on the cake is that your other half is just as amazing as it gets.
  • Congratulations on your birthday! May your day be as bewitched as your ability to spend the entire day on the couch cushions.
  • Happy birthday, old fart! To be able to age and become senile together is truly a blessing. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll share a room in the retirement community. As crazy as that old-age home plan sounded, I hope your birthday is equally bonkers.
  • Another year has passed, and I must say, you always manage to keep me on my toes with your habit of showing up to class late and turning in assignments right before the deadline. However, I’m crossing my fingers that this big age will bring you more punctuality and on-time assignments. But even if it doesn’t, I’ll still get to enjoy watching your mother spank you. May you have an amazing birthday, which is uncharacteristic of you!
  • I prayed for the fulfillment of all your hopes and dreams on your birthday today. Then I realized you’re not all that special.
  • My only wish for your birthday is that this year brings you even more opportunities to flex your brain muscles to feed the nerd in you. May your birthday be as nerdy as you are.
  • May your birthday be as fearless and brave as you are, my dear ghosts-averse friend, even if that means staying away from horror films and haunted houses.
  • Happy birthday, President of the Forever Single Community! Let’s hope that this year offers you even more chances to meet the love of your life (or at least a temporary fling).
  • I would never have guessed that someone as healthy as you could be so skilled at making up illness. But, hey, at least you know how to take a day off when you need it. As sick as the excuse you gave your boss today, may your birthday be.
  • It’s your special day! It’s time to celebrate turning 21 — oh wait, you’re not 21 anymore. Stick to a glass of wine.
  • I just wanted to remind you that age doesn’t matter; it’s just a number. A number that increases year after year. Enjoy your birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my favorite jet-setting scholar!! I hope you’re doing well and not getting homesick. May your studies go well (but not too well, because that would make me feel bad about myself). We miss you, but at least you aren’t here to steal all the cake.
  • Remember, even if we’re thousands of miles apart right now, you can always rely on me to be your remote birthday party planner. And by that, I mean, I’ll pretend we’re at a party together while sending you some incredibly awkward Snapchats from my living room. You’re very welcome.
  • I wish you a birthday as deranged as your mind. May your special day be filled with all of your favorite things: black candles, creepy dolls, and possibly even a live human sacrifice (just kidding, sort of). You evil little scumbag, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, my dear friend! The fact that you can fall asleep anywhere, at any time, never ceases to amaze me. Here’s hoping that this year brings you even more cozy and comfortable places to get some Z’s.
  • Just keep in mind that if you pass away on your birthday, it wasn’t a coincidence. That’s how I planned it. You’re welcome.
  • Knock, knock.Who’s there?Boo.Boo who?The fact that your lifespan is one year shorter today.
  • Happy birthday, you old hag! But in all seriousness, another year has passed, bringing your eligibility for the senior citizen discount one more year closer. Just think, you’ll finally have a legitimate reason to not work. 
  • I am so elated to be able to celebrate this special day with you. And the best part is, I still blame you for all of my errors! Just kidding (not really!).
  • I hope your mailbox is full of birthday card funny (read: bad) jokes and generic wishes. I hope your Facebook wall is filled with wishes from people you have never met, never talked to, or couldn’t care less about. Now you realize how important my presence is in your life. Happy birthday!

Whether you are trying to tickle the funny bone of your loved one or just want to make them have a great day, sending them a birthday message is a great gesture of love and appreciation. So whether they are turning 30 or 70, don’t forget to wish them a fabulous one!

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I hope your day is as fabulous as you are! Much love and many smooches.
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I am thankful beyond words that fate brought us together. Happy Birthday My friend!
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A special birthday wish for the special one of my life. May all your wishes come true.
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I may have taken you for granted at times, and things may have been tense or uncomfortable recently. But I do want you to know how much I value you and how happy I am to have you in my life. This Thanksgiving I am thankful that I have you.
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Happy birthday to the beautiful, intelligent, charming person I call my best friend!
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