Unique Friendship Day Gifts For Your Best Friends in 2023

by Note with Love Team - Jul 27, 2023
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It’s almost time for Friendship Day. The moment has come to thank our friends for their presence in our lives. It’s a chance to celebrate our friendship with them and let them know how much we appreciate them as they kept us going through the good times and the bad. So why not give them a gift that puts a smile on their face?

It may be difficult to select special and meaningful friendship day gifts for your friends. Specially, when you have to choose one present from millions of options, the task is unfathomable!

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Whether it’s your best buddy, a friend from childhood, or simply a neighbor you grew up with, we’ve put up a list of gift ideas in this piece that will make them feel special. Don’t forget to add a card with a warm friendship day greeting with it.

Gifts for Best Friends Forever (BFFs)

Let’s start with our lifeline, without which many of us would have gone berserk. Whether we want to go on a vacation or release pent-up frustration, we always turn to our best friend. This friendship is so iconic that it almost seems like they are to assist us in covering up any crimes we might have committed. Jokes aside, we should strive to get something unique for our bffs as Friendship Day gifts. Follow the suggestions below to make these cute angles smile.

1. DIY Terrarium Kit

Photo by Mong Bui on Unsplash

Is your best friend a green thumb? Or adore keeping greenery on a table? Instead of gift baskets, prepare a terrarium kit.

Make your pal their own miniature garden by making them a DIY terrarium kit. Get the soil, sand, river rocks, chia seeds, wheatgrass seeds, a hedgehog figure, a mushroom house, and everything else you’ll need to create a miniature green oasis. It’s a one-of-a-kind present and depicts the blossoming of your friendship.

Visit Tropical Glass

2. Personalized Star Map

Star map is one of the unique gifts for your loved ones. Each significant event in life occurs under a certain constellation of stars. The customized star map calculates how the heavens were aligned at that time based on the location and time you provide.

You can give your friend a star map depicting the night sky on the occasion of the time and place where you two first met or became close friends. What could be a greater way to be reminded of the unique occasion that brought you two together?

The Night Sky

3. Engraved Friendship Necklace

Photo Etsy

Do you and your best friend like to put on jewelry? Or perhaps you two have a nickname for one another? Then, as Friendship Day gifts, surprise your bestie with a piece of personalized jewelry, such as a friendship necklace or friendship day bracelets, engraved with their nickname, a meaningful phrase, or both of your initials.

This may be the least expensive of all the ideas. Simply go to Etsy and search for your preferred designs for friendship necklaces or friendship day bracelets.

Check Etsy

Gifts for Childhood Friends

Childhood pals are always precious. A piece of our heart will always long for them, no matter how far they are. Just because we make new friends as we get older doesn’t mean we can’t honor our childhood buddies with Friendship Day gifts, even if the hangouts aren’t as often as they once were. Here are some unique gifts options to rekindle fond memories and improve your bond.

4. Personalized Friendship Enamel Pins

Photo Etsy

One of the cutest unique gifts one can get from a buddy, in my mind, is a personalized enamel pin. Even great if they are childhood buddies. Create unique enamel pins that your friend can attach to a bag or wear on clothing, typically on the lapel of a jacket. Don’t forget to include elements meaningful to both of you in these small pins. You could shape it like a cat, slang, or some quirky lines.

Check Etsy

5. Personalized Subscription Box

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

This is a modern day present idea for anyone. Nowadays, you can find a subscription box for almost everything as perfect gifts online. Such as an Audible membership for audiobooks, a Stitch clothing subscription, a Birchbox gift basket for makeup aficionados, and so on. All you have to do is choose a subscription box that matches your friend’s interests and activities.

Whether it’s a monthly personalised gift basket of their beloved chocolates or a weekly formal attire package, receiving such surprises can only strengthen your friendship.

Check Cratejoy

Gifts for Long-Distance Friends

One thing about long-distance friendships is that the longing is permanent. Those who have a buddy who has moved away for education or a job can grasp how difficult it is to maintain a close relationship. It’s even tougher when the time zones are so far apart. So, if you want to do something for your friend away from home, consider the following perfect friendship day gift ideas.

6. Spotify Friendship Playlist

Photo by Tim Samuel on Pexels

Has music always been an integral part of your friendship? Then this may be the perfect gift for your friend.

It is not always possible to send things overseas. Personalized gifts online could be a meaningful thing to do for your long-distance bestie. Make a Spotify playlist of all your friend’s favorite music or songs that are meaningful to the two of you. It will remind them of the unforgettable times you shared each time they tune in to the playlist as it has your personal touch.

7. Virtual Escape Room Experience

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels

One of the best gifts online for your far-flung buddies on Friendship Day could be a virtual escape room thrill! Virtual escape rooms are just as tough and interesting as physical ones, but you can access them from anywhere in the world.

If you and your buddy like solving puzzles together, schedule a virtual escape room session. Together, you may crack codes, solve riddles, and escape virtual rooms online. No matter how far apart you are, this is better than getting the usual gift baskets or photo frames.

Booking Link here

Gifts for community Friends

A special place in our hearts is undoubtedly reserved for the friends we spent growing up playing or attending school with. On this notable day, remember these friends who were the first to arrive whenever you had difficulty.

8. Homemade snacks

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

A nice way to mark perfect Friendship Day is to bake homemade snacks for your neighbor friends. Bake a tasty cake, muffins, or cookies that they will love.

With a handwritten note expressing your appreciation for their friendship, give the packaging a personal touch with gift baskets. Your time and work spent making these goodies will be paid off in smiles. While this gives a good chance of you to have a get together with your buddy, here are some other activity you can plan with your friend.

9. Community Event Tickets

Photo by Patrick Black, Jr on Pexels

Tickets to a community event or activity that fits their interests might make a thoughtful gift for your friends who also grew up with you in the same hood. This present lets you all take part in a shared experience and make new memories, whether it’s attending a concert, play, art exhibit, or fun festival. 

Whether it’s friendship necklace or gift baskets filled with goodies, it’s your intention behind them that matters the most. You can even go online and find friendship day special events on various websites that you can try with your friend to celebrate the day.
P.S.: Don't forget to add a friendship day message!

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