24 Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

by Note with Love Team - Feb 4, 2023
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14th February is Valentine's day and that means we take out our thinking caps to come up with the best ideas to impress our significant other, so we get super busy fishing up gift ideas for him to make the day phenomenal. This is the perfect opportunity to make our man feel extra special; keeping in mind to show heartfelt appreciation as well. Giving amazing Valentine's day gifts is always fulfilling specially when you see sparkle in his eyes and heart-warming smile on his face. 

No more racking the brain for options. I have made a list of 24 best Valentine's day gift ideas for your man, let's get started!

1. Versace For Men

Image from Amazon

Nothing beats a man who smells refreshing and exotic! As a gift for Valentine, give him the perfect cologne from his favorite brand. This tells him how you love it when he smells nice which makes him even more huggable!

I think only a few will not find what they are looking for at Versace as they have a wide range of products. Here are two of them.

$35 at Amazon

3Pc set for $92 at Amazon

2. Name A Star After Him!

Image from Amazon

What other marvelous valentine gift ideas for him than to name a star after him. A unique gift to let him know he is your universe! Such a gift will clearly tell him how special he is to you!

This gift box from Gift Republic comes with a metal box with the details of unnamed stars waiting to be named after your sweetheart. The huge wall map accompanied with this gift can be a great decor for a barren wall.

If you plan to stargaze under the lovely night sky, you can find your star using this map. Here are some other valentine's day ideas for you to try with your partner.

$25 at Amazon

3. Personalized Key Chain

Image from Amazon

An interesting gift idea is to surprise him with a personalized keychain with his and your special date engraved on it. This can surely make a perfect valentine gift for him and will be a constant reminder of the special day each time he sees the keychain.

$20 at Amazon

4. A Desktop Plant

For The Nature Lover

Image from Amazon

Out of the many Valentine's day gift ideas for him, a plant that he can keep on his work desk is not only a healthy gift option for the one you care about but at the same time decorates his work space and improves his surrounding environment.

This bamboo is also called lucky wood. The plant is easy to care for and a very popular choice for indoor decor nowadays. Besides better decorations, the plant can give your man peaceful relaxation during a hectic workday, as it is proven that looking at nature helps us relax.

$13 at Amazon

5. Tie Set

For The "Formal" Lover

Image from Amazon

A tie set that includes a necktie with pocket square, and cufflinks is a brilliant Valentine's day gift for him specially if he likes formal attire. What better way to tell him how you have your heart and thoughts wrapped around his neck!

$80 at Amazon

6. Watch

For The Collector

Image from Amazon

Most people will agree that they track time on their smartphones. But that hasn't reduced the appeal of wristwatches. A wristwatch from your partner's favorite make can elevate his everyday appearance making him look super suave and nifty!

This watch is trendy with features like water resistant, solar powered, and mineral glass. It can be a perfect valentine's day surprise for him and add to his collection of watches. 

$87 at Amazon

You can also go for Apple Watch Series 8. This watch has all the features a watch should have along with advanced health features. It can also sense body temperature and therefore take care of the user's overall health!

$399 at Apple

Well if your husband or boyfriend is an ardent android user, no worries. I got you covered.  You can opt for Galaxy Watch5 Pro. This is a very popular edition and is available in two band colors.

$399 at Samsung

7.  Insulated Tumbler

For The Coffee Lover

Image from Amazon

Who doesn't love coffee? Everyone I think. Well then an insulated tumbler can be a great gift for Valentine's day for your spouse or boyfriend.

You can get many different kinds of such tumbler as well as a Starbuck one. If he is not inclined to the brand then you can buy one from Amazon. This thoughtful gift will always keep you on his mind every time he drinks out of it!

$15 at Amazon

8. Go Wireless!

For The Handsfree One

Image from Beats by Dre

These wireless earpieces are quintessential for work and play. Be it listening to favorite music, or online meetings on the go this particular gift is ideal for making life easier and hassle-free for your bae.

Beats is undoubtedly a front runner while picking headphones. You can go for headphones or earbuds as per your partner's preference. These are usually both apple and android compatible.

$200 for Headphones at Beats

$150 for Earbuds at Beats

Airpods from Apple also has various advanced features like active noise cancellation, spatial head  movement and longer listening time with single charge.

$249 at Apple

Galaxy Buds2 Pro is particularly popular among android users. This wireless pair comes in three different colors and provides next-level listening experience.

$115 at Samsung

You can check out this article on Etonline for the best deals on headphones and earbuds.

9. Leather Wallet

For The Old School

Image from Amazon

A leather wallet is a great Valentine's day gift if your man likes it old school. It is both practical and a useful gift he can use every day. Although use of paper money is rare these days, wallet can store credit cards, visiting cards and other small paper objects and probably small monies.

Fossil bifold wallet is not only fashionable but also functional. It has multiple segments and RFID and scan blocking features to make it perfect to save user from unwanted card scanning.

$60 at Amazon

10. Bath Set

Image from Every Man Jack

A bath set is a thoughtful gift for valentine's day for him. It is an everyday necessity at the same time important for his hygiene.

The refreshing aroma of this Bath and Body Works trio can make him feel renewed and revitalized after a long day. If it doesn't do the trick then you can always join in! 

$32 at Amazon

For The Beard Groomer

It is said that "Beard is a man's pride". If your babe is among them, then I have got another perfect gift for him. This set is specially designed to take care of beards. It includes beard wash, beard oil and beard butter!

$36 at Everymanjack

11. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

For The Show-Off

Image from Amazon

A suitable gift for valentine's day for your husband or boyfriend can be his own compact bar at home with this cocktail shaker set.

This will come in handy for him when he has friends over for game nights or has small gatherings for colleagues and comrades; serving them his very own refreshing concoctions. This is a sure-shot guarantee that everyone to have a whale of a time.

$23 at Amazon

12. Grooming Kit

Image from Amazon

A perfect valentine gift for boyfriend is a grooming kit. He can easily take it with him when he goes on trips too. Also, it maintains personal hygiene which is the best way to boost his confidence and self-esteem. 

$30 at Amazon

13. Projector

For The Movie Buff

Image from Amazon

Projectors are chic, stylish well thought out, and a perfect toy for him as a valentine gift. Particularly if he likes to watch movies. Well let's agree movies are much more enjoyable on a big screen. This projector can be easily set up and moved. So screen any movie any time at your private screening!  

$250 at Amazon

14. Bluetooth Speaker

For The Music Lover

Image from Bose

Melodies on the move for your music lover as Valentine's surprise for him.

This portable chic speaker has exceptional sound quality and is bound to make just about anyone's music experience enjoyable! It comes in a range of colors which makes them stand out and it's convenient to carry around anywhere & everywhere in all weather conditions.

$119 at Bose

15. The Godfather by Mario Puzo Hardcover Edition

For The Reader

Image from Amazon

This book is a masterpiece and a classic describing family, death, betrayal, and most importantly, power. Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel “The Godfather” happens to be one of the top 10 bestsellers of American fiction. It is an old favorite for many and a page-turner that can easily hold one's attention making this an exceptionally wonderful reading experience. 

$21 at Amazon

16. Sunglasses

For The Trendsetter

Image from Ray-Ban

Gifting your guy a pair of sunnies is a fun way to accessorize an outfit and most importantly help protect his eyes from harmful UV rays. It is essential and their versatility makes them a great gift to give to your Valentine.

$213 at Ray-Ban

You can also get a lot of other types of shades at Amazon for wide range of budget including this trendy classic aviator ones. 

$19 at Amazon

17. iPad Pro

For The Tech  Savvy

Image from ATT

The advantage of gifting an iPad Pro is endless where technology is concerned. It is perfect, sleek, and convenient for anything be it gaming, listening to his favorite music, watching a movie, or working. This is an all-in-one gift that he can use anywhere as it is lightweight and easy to carry.

I don't have to add how prestigious he will feel carrying this with him everywhere do I?

$799 at Apple

18. High-Tech Elegant Pocket Knife

For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Image from Victorinox

A Swiss Army Knife is a classic and reliable all-rounder and makes for a lovely Valentine's gift for him. This all-purpose survival tool comes to use around home as well as in the great outdoors.

This pocket knife basically has five functions with compact silhouette and high-tech aesthetic. It is a collector’s item and a charming keepsake over the years.  

$205 at Victorinox

19. Notebook

Image from Amazon

In this day and time when everything has become virtual, the novelty of writing down thoughts and feelings is indeed rare and scarce. So, gifting your loved one with a notebook plays a great role and gives him the opportunity to pen down his feelings or reminders.

You can find different options to choose from at Amazon. Here are a few.

$11 for Dragon Journal Hardcover

$18 for a pack of 5 Leather Journal

$18 for 2 Shagreen Journal

20. Neck Massager

For The Massage Lover

Image from Amazon

If you are still unsure which one to pick from all these gifts on valentine's day for him then choose a neck massager. You cannot go wrong with this one.

It is both thoughtful and handy. It can instantly soothe and relax muscles after a game of basketball with friends, a hectic day at work, or after going to the gym. This valentine gift for boyfriend prioritizes his comfort over everything else.

$61 at Amazon

21. Oura Ring G3

For The Fitness Freak

Image from SheKnows

Rings are a sign of commitment. But this is not just any ring; Oura Ring G3 is sleek and stylish, this tech ring tracks wellness and will help your partner keep his sleep and overall health in check. It's water-resistant and durable, so it'll last for years. A great choice to consider for him on Valentine's day.

$299 at Oura Ring

22. Lego Roses For Some Cheesy Romance

Image from Lego

Some people think Lego is for kids, that's certainly not the case. It is for anyone who loves them and knows the art of building things. Anyways, if your boyfriend or partner likes lego building blocks then this one gift may come as pleasant surprise for him. Even if lego is not his thing exactly, he will love it.

Show your love with Lego Roses this Valentine. These roses will never wilt and will always be there for years to come to remind him of your eternal love for him. You can recreate your first meet and instead of natural roses give him these undying ones. Here are some more such romantic ideas for this valentine's day.

$13 at Lego

23. Electronic Key and Wallet Finder

For The Forgetful One

Image from Amazon

If your bae has the habit of losing his stuff around the house; what better way than to gift this particular gadget to make life easier and less stressful for him. 

Tile Mate is iOS, android and smart home compatible. It is water resistance and has a 3-year non-replaceable battery included with it.

$25 at Amazon

24. 14 Year Old Bourbon Barrel Reserve Single Malt Scotch

For The Whiskey Lover

Image from Reserve Bar

This Valentine's gift with a single malt rich in sweetness and indulgent in punches of vanilla, woody spices and ripe citrus will help you nail it. It is a premium whiskey that your man will consider the best gift he's ever gotten.

$56 at ReserveBar

Concluding Thoughts 

These valentine gift ideas can surely eliminate your stress and confusion about what to get as valentine gift for Mr. Right and let you on an easy path to go all the way to pamper and spoil him in the splendid way that he deserves! Add a little Valentine's note to make this gift a perfect one. 

PS:  Prices are upper rounded and may change (if subjected to any discount or offer etc.)

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