Beautiful Get Well Soon Messages To Write In A Card

by Note with Love Team - Sep 27, 2023
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A get-well-soon message is not just a random message. It has the power to brighten someone’s day. You can’t make someone better, but you can make them feel better with a warm heartfelt get-well wish. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite, beautiful get-well-soon messages that are perfect for using in any get-well card or text message.

What to write in a get well soon message

  • While wishing someone for their recovery by sending texts or adding gift card, don’t just write card with “get well soon”. Rather, make it thoughtful even if it’s only a few words.
  • Remember, the purpose of such a message is to let people know you are thinking of them and you are with them at this difficult time.
  • You can tell them that you are concerned about their health and well-being. You can also express your thoughts, feelings, and wishes for their quick recovery.
  • Start with a warm greeting. Express your empathy. And finally, you can end with a warm closing.
  • From family to friends or colleagues, we have different bonds with each other. So the wishes or messages also depend on the recipient and their specific health situation.

With all these factors, here are some examples of get-well-soon message ideas.

Get Well Messages For Family and Friends

Our family and friends are the ones always there for us. Send them the warmest wishes you can for their quick recovery. 

  1. I hope you recover quickly! Next, we’ll have a party!
  2. The road to recovery might be long, but know that we’ll be there for you every step of the way.
  3. Remember, we will be always here for you just the way you’ve always been there for us. Get well soon and come home.
  4. Home is not home without you. Wishing on every star to make you feel better soon!

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Get Well Message For Kids

  1. Sorry that everything seems so boring right now. But hope you feel better.
  2. This might be a little tough. But I know you are way tougher than this. Get well soon, little one.
  3. Don’t you worry. Very soon, you’ll be back to your awesome self.
  4. Sending you my super teddy. Hoping you feel better soon hugging this teddy!

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Get Well Messages For Coworker

  1. Wishing you a quick recovery. Hopefully, we’ll see you at the office pretty soon. 
  2. Everyone in the office has missed seeing you. We all wish you a speedy and painless recovery so you can return soon!
  3. Take as much time as you need to recover and don’t stress about the work. Awaiting your return so we can see you cheering us up.
  4. Without you, this place isn’t as enjoyable. Wishing you a quick recovery. Take extra good care!

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Short Get Well Soon Messages

Try to use simple words that will not make the patient feel stressed out reading them. Here are some short get-well messages to write on a greeting card:

  1. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you speedy healing vibes.
  2. May you have speedy healing and good health.
  3. Hope you have a comfortable rest and feel better soon.
  4. Sending you positive vibes for quick healing.
  5. Keep resting and everything will be alright again soon.

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Thoughtful Get Well Messages

  1. Better days are on the horizon, though they may be difficult to see right now. I promise to stand by your side waiting for them, no matter what.
  2. The world shines in your smile. Hopefully, you’ll be blessed with good health soon.
  3. Many people find inspiration in you. So your recovery matters a lot to them, including me. Put all of your efforts into improving. Get well soon!
  4. Hope is the best treatment you can receive. Don’t lose hope and things will improve. Sooner you will be healed and feel better.
  5. I know you are such a strong and unique person. And I believe you’ll come out even stronger than before. Surely, you’ll get through this and get better soon.

Uplifting Get Well Messages

  1. Get well quickly! We all miss your smile and positive energy.
  2. You’ve got this! We’ve got you, too. Sending prayers and lots of love, dear.
  3. Though the sun is shining, it feels dark without you around. Hoping to see the brightness of your smile again. Get better soon, dear.

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Funny Get Well Messages

  1. You are so amazing that even the hospital gown looks great on you! Get well soonest my friend!
  2. Hey, get well soon buddy. It’s really getting boring without teasing you! Recover quickly.
  3. Your immune system, like a terrible lawyer, does not appear to be adequately protecting you! Kidding! Gain recovery quickly and get back to the zone!

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Religious Get Well Messages

  1. The best treatment that doctors don’t prescribe is prayer. And you are always in my prayer. Get well soon.
  2. We might not know the reasons we experience hardships. But God always has a better plan. Trust Him and you’ll be helped.
  3. Don’t stress so much. Surely God loves us and hears our prayers. You’ll recover soon.

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Get Well Messages For Hospitalized Patients

For the ones who are hospitalized with serious illness or injury, try sending them messages that encourage them to get through difficult times

  1. We’re always praying for you here throughout your hospitalization. I hope you soon feel like yourself again.
  2. I know it feels terrible lying on the hospital bed! Take my token of love and wish to get well soon, dear! Have a fast recovery!
  3. Know that you have everyone’s support and prayers for your recovery. I hope you soon start feeling better.
  4. Sending you warm thoughts full of strength and love during your recovery. 

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Get Well Messages For Surgery Patients

  1. I’m happy to hear your surgery went smoothly. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  2. You are the most courageous person I know. You’re going to emerge from this surgery stronger than ever.
  3. Stay strong. I have faith that you can overcome this. I’m looking forward to seeing you recover from your surgery and walk again soon!

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Bottom Line

Whether it’s a minor or major sickness, a thoughtful message written with care can mean a lot. The best well wishes come from the heart. So keep this in mind while writing a beautiful get-well card. 

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