15 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for 2023 - that Your Friends Will Just LOVE

by Note with Love Team - Nov 9, 2023
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Thanksgiving may be the only holiday that is outshined by other celebrations like Christmas. However, it is much more than just eating turkey and watching the Thanksgiving parade. On this holiday, gifts are more meaningful because they are not customary or a common gesture. And who doesn't appreciate a surprise gift?

Why, when, and to whom do we give gifts?

If you are hosting, give your visitors or friends something to be thankful for this year by getting them gift cards or other Thanksgiving gifts. If you're attending a party, bring more than just wine or a dish. You can show your appreciation to the host for inviting you and for all the work they put into preparing a large meal for everyone by sending them a thank-you gift.

When I say "gift," I don't mean something expensive. You don't have to spend a fortune on gifts; they can be as simple as a gift card or as pricey as a gift basket full of delectables.

If you are short of Thanksgiving gift ideas, browse our collection of gifts that will ensure a happy Thanksgiving 2023 for your friends.

1. Pumpkin Baker Set

Image by Mud Pie Store from Amazon

If you're bringing a pie to the party, you might as well go all out and bring a fall-themed pumpkin baker set. It's a three-piece set with an engraved wood lid, a silverplate spoon, and a ceramic pumpkin-shaped dish.

2. Pumpkins Maple Leaves Fall Cocktail Picks

Image from Amazon

Cocktail picks are excellent gifts for anyone who loves to host parties. This set which contains 100 picks a set is designed considering fall theme. These decorative wooden picks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very functional. 

3. Thanksgiving Dish Towel Set

Image by DII from Amazon

Messes, spills, and a ton of dirty dishes are sure to happen when preparing a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends. If you're going to a Thanksgiving dinner, bring this set of machine-washable cotton dish towels, which will come in handy during their holiday feast.

4. Holiday Nuts Gift Basket

Image from Amazon

Holiday nuts gift basket is a very tasty, crunchy and healthy option for this holiday. You can gift it to your host or as send to your friends on Thanksgiving along with beautiful message to celebrate what you are thankful for.

5. The Mini Essentials

Image by Brightland from Brigthland

Your Thanksgiving hostess will surely love to have Brightland’s best-selling bottles. The Mini Essentials set makes the perfect thank-you gift on Thanksgiving. It comes in petite and easy-to-share sizes.

6. Thanksgiving Apron

Image by Hyaoma from Etsy

Among all the Thanksgiving gifts, this could be the best one. If you've ever experienced the numerous oily spills that occur while preparing a big meal, you can see why an apron is useful at this time.

7. Autumn Berry Oval Platter

Image by Pfaltzgraff from Amazon

Because they hold the cherished item—the turkey, serving platters take the spotlight at Thanksgiving dinner. Bring your host this Thanksgiving-themed platter that captures the spirit of the season with berries and leaves. Here are some delicious and on theme dinner ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving.

8. Handcrafted Wooden Cutlery Set

Image from Amazon

Finnished by skilled handicraftman, this set is a perfect gift for anyone on any occasion. The forks and heart shaped spoons can be used as cutlery or as decoration. There are 3 of each  kind in one set. Whether you are gifting this to the host or guest, this can be a beautiful option.

9. Spa Gift Basket

Image by Body and Earth from Amazon

After slaving away in the kitchen, your host deserves to unwind and devote some time to self-care after Thanksgiving. It's possible they'd prefer a spa basket containing everything they'll need to pamper themselves. It will definitely help in reviving the body, as well as the spirit and mind.

You can reduce your stress farther by planning the party beforehand. It will lessen your workload for the  big day and let you enjoy it with friends and family. Here's a Thanksgiving party planning checklist!

10. Wooden Cookbook Stand

Image by SOLIGHT from Amazon

If not a cookbook, a cookbook stand could be the next best thing for someone who loves cooking and feeding others. Cause while cooking, food spilling on your printed recipes, iPhone, or cookbooks, is the most annoying thing ever, right?

11. TRUFF Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

Image by TRUFF from Amazon

If your Thanksgiving hostess or guests like their food hot and spicy, why not gift a set of hot sauces to use in future recipes? TRUFF's hot sauce set includes three flavors suitable for any occasion: black truffle hot sauce, white truffle hot sauce, and black truffle oil. It is a bit on the expensive side, but the product is surely going to be a luxury for your tastebuds.

12. Pour-Over Coffee Gift Set

Image from Copper Cow Coffee

Who doesn't love coffee? With this post-dinner energy boost, you can help the host round out the Thanksgiving feast. This coffee set includes sweetened condensed milk creamers and four different flavors of pour-over filters, so everyone can start sipping on delicious lattes right away.

13. Spiced Pumpkin Latte Candle

Image by Voluspa from Amazon

This candle that smells even better than a spiced pumpkin latte makes a cute Thanksgiving gift. This candle from Voluspa has a strong aroma of pumpkin spice and colorful leaves that make the whole house smell like fall. When lit, it creates a cozier atmosphere, making everyone feel warm.

14. Pink Chai Latte Bouquet

Image by New Hope YQL from New Hope YQL

A beautiful way to wish happy Thanksgiving to your host is the season's go-to chai latte. This bouquet is inspired by the changing leaves and includes beautiful Gerber daisies, pink roses, and carnations.

15. Harney & Sons Fall Tea Collection

Image by Harney & Sons from Amazon

Autumn's chilly weather may be a tea drinker's favorite season. This fall tea set's assortment of flavors, including hot apple spice, cranberry autumn, and pumpkin spice teas, makes one think of the season. These flavors will be complementary to your Thanksgiving special desserts.


A thoughtful gift is always appreciated. Because Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express your gratitude, make it extra special by giving a gift. It will make your loved ones feel special too.

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