5 Top Ideas to Celebrate Friendship Day After Having Kids

by Note with Love Team - Jul 29, 2023
Friends celebrating with kids on beach

In an ever-changing world, our friends offer unwavering support. Lifelong friends stand by us, providing the reassurance and encouragement we seek on our journey. Parenthood may reshape this bond. But those who navigate the challenges and stay true deserve daily celebration, especially on Friendship Day!

Does Friendship change after having kids?

Having kids change everything; it’s a round-the-clock; on-your-toes mode one has to evolve to. Understandably, life isn’t how or what it used to be, so lifestyle and priorities change with it.

Being a parent bids farewell to carefree days, late-night partying with friends, being out all day shopping, or bar hopping. The drill of it all gets easy having friends who are parents; they know how life can change to a topsy-turvy state.

The situation is rather down in the dumps when a gulf forms with non-parent friends who are unaware of the challenges of parenthood. It is during this time that some friendships weather the storm and grow stronger, while others become weak and wither away. 

How to keep in touch with friends after you have kids?

First, be honest and explain to friends that your new role comes with certain adjustments. Abrupt changes without prior notice can happen to any plan, even if you make it with a month’s time in hand.

Reach out to your friends; your friends may be worried about bothering you, assuming you’re busy. Be the first to reach out and get some friend time chalked out. Planning far in advance through an email or a text works well.

Go solo! It is perfectly fine to take some much-deserved timeout so you can catch up with friends. Ask your better half, your parents or a sibling to take care of the little one. This break will do you wonders and make you feel refreshed.

In today’s world, rekindling friendships online has made everything so much simpler. At times, simple chat is all you need. Write a genuine friendship day wish to your friend and let them know even if you are preoccupied, they are still on your mind.

How to keep in touch with friends who have kids?

How to keep in touch with a friend who has kids? If you are a parent yourself, you know the challenges already. Even if you are not a parent, you know it’s not easy, but certainly doable.

Plan and be open to the fact that plans can get whitewashed on a last-minute call or text!

Shelp along with a friend for an errand or an appointment. Having a kid tugging along during chores can be exhausting; so lend your friend a hand and keep the little one occupied while you two catch up and get things done.

Just drop in! When you get there, your friend may seem hassled and all over the place, but seeing your chilled aura amid the chaos will make your friend appreciate you.

Make things easy for your friend by giving time to the baby when you are over. This lets your friend know they are not in this alone; they’ve got a friend! You can also send your friends friendship day messages or gifts to make them feel appreciated.

Ideas to celebrate friendship day after you / your friend had kids

1. Plan a brunch or lunch with the Jingbang lot!

Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels

A unique way to celebrate friendship day with friends and their kids is to go out for brunch or lunch!

Might be a recipe for a lot of madness, laughter, screams and disorder all in one but well worth it. Spending quality time, catching up and eating with loved ones is gratifying for everyone, plus the kids bond too!

2. Playdates can do wonders

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels

This idea is most suitable if you and your friends have children of the same age. We are well aware of how positive playdates are for a child’s physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

A playdate allows a welcome change for both parent and child, from their everyday routine encouraging interaction and diversity.

3. Take a break

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels

Take that “much-needed” break with no guilt, cause you deserve it!

Pick up the phone and call your parents and ask them to fill in and look after the kids or just give all the duties to your spouse. You go on a relaxing day out with friends only and let your hair down. Believe me, this chilled step will benefit you and even everyone around you.

4. A Day Out

Photo by Pelageia Zelenina on Pexels

A change of scene! A day at the park for a picnic or barbecue, or a trip to the zoo are great ways to create memories and are excellent and healthy for both parent and child.

The vast openness of the outdoors gives everyone space to move about embracing the freshness and enjoying themselves. This is a great way to work up a huge appetite! The fresh air and sun do a lot of good for everyone and will surely make the little ones hit the sack fast!

5. A Virtual Party!


Yep, you heard that right. A virtual Friendship Day celebration with your friends and their kids allows everyone to join in from the comfort of their homes.

You can engage in activities like storytelling sessions, virtual games or even a collaborative friendship crafts project while celebrating the essence of friendship. 


On Friendship Day, let’s honor the lasting signs of genuine friendship, even amid parenthood. Adapt and nurture these bonds. Infuse your journey with the joy of fun friendship games, creating laughter and camaraderie amidst the beautiful chaos of parenthood.

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