15 Cool Christmas Gifts For Teens In 2023

by Note with Love Team - Jun 12, 2024
A big snow globe with a Christmas tree inside and six box presents wrapped with various decorative paper in front of it. The whole graphics also has Christmas lights hanging from one corner.

Picking gifts for teens? Tough gig, right? Their tastes change faster than you can blink, and what's hot today might be old news tomorrow. But fear not!

Dive into holiday cheer with our list of 15 awesome Christmas gifts for teenagers! From cool gadgets to stylish gear, we've got the scoop on gifts that'll make this Christmas one for the books.

1. Sony SRS-XB100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Life without music? Unthinkable for teens! The Sony SRS-XB100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the ultimate Xmas gift for teens who love music!

It's super compact, yet packs a punch with surprising bass. Not to mention, it's splashproof, budget-friendly, and can last for more than 16 hours! Also, you can pick the color that matches with their music taste from the variety of options available.

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2. Nike By You Shoes

What's better than Nike shoes? Nike shoes that your teens can customize on their own! So, get your teens a pair of Nike By You Shoes for Christmas and let them personalize it to their liking.

They can choose from different designs and personalize everything—from laces to the swoosh. It'll keep their feet warm and add a touch of stylish flair. Perfect gift for a jazzy and cozy Christmas!

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3. Steam Deck Oled

Whether it's making insane plays in Fortnite or chilling at the Jolly Ranch Farm in Stardew Valley, teens love gaming!  For them, the all-new Steam Deck could be an awesome gaming gift, especially if they want to play their Steam library on the go!

The upgraded Steam Deck OLED comes with a longer-lasting battery, improved Wi-Fi, and a stunning OLED display with HDR support, making it an excellent choice for gaming. If you're looking for a Christmas gift for teenagers that will make them excited, the Steam Deck is a great pick.

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4. Squishmallows Plush Mystery Box

Looking for perfect Xmas gifts for teenage girls who just became teens? Squishmallows Plush is a great cuddly option for those who love soft toys. These cute ones come in mystery boxes, each containing three adorable random Squishmallows.

Made from super-soft polyester, these cuddly buddies are perfect for bedtime or playtime.

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5. Apple Watch (Series 9)

Apple's got teens hooked with its cool gadgets! And the Series 9 Apple Watch is no different, it's the perfect Xmas gift for teens who love all things Apple. 

Now, it's not just a tiny wristwatch; it's a whole lifestyle. It does it all—calling, texting, and more. You won't need to stress about gifting this to teens—it's got a tough screen and a strong aluminum body that can take a beating.

Now, let's talk health: blood oxygen checking, ECGs, heart rhythm alerts, sleep stages breakdown, temperature insights, and even emotional awareness tracking! It has the whole package!

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6. Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

One of the best gifts for teenage girls, this TikTok-famous blow-dry brush is a real game-changer, saving both their pocket money and time. It's a two-in-one magic tool that dries and styles hair in half the time, giving that salon vibe at home. Perfect for all hair types, whether it's curly or straight.

They can get salon-style blowouts, shine, and smoothness. Plus, three heat/speed settings offer flexibility with less heat exposure for healthier styling. It's a fabulous Xmas gift for teens who want to look fresh every day.

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7. Nintendo Switch Lite

If the OLED Steam Deck is too much for you, grab your teen a Nintendo Switch Lite—it's less than half the cost and still packs a punch with a great game selection, from Super Mario Odyssey to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and many more.

Also, it's light and won't tire your teens' wrists, unlike the heavy Steam Deck. And, it comes in four colors! A perfect Christmas gift without breaking the bank!

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8. Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

Bright Christmas decor keeping your teen up at night? No worries! This weighted eye mask will make snoozing on a bright Christmas night easy. Perfect if they're snooze addicts during the holiday mornings. It can also ease the day's stresses and anxieties. 

Not to mention, it's budget-friendly, comes in loads of colors, and is one of the best healthy Christmas gifts for teenagers. A win-win for a cozy Christmas!

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9. I IHAYNER  Bowknot  Leather Mini Backpack

School's just around the corner, so why not gift your teen something cool for Christmas? This mini backpack is a perfect pick, especially with that stylish Bowknot Decoration – a real talk of the town! 

One of the ultimate gifts for teenage girls, it comes in 15+ colors, made of high-quality leather, and has compartments for tiny essentials and writing pads.

Just a heads up, it won't fit an iPad or laptop. A chic and practical surprise for the post-Christmas school hustle!

If you are looking for a chic backpack for adults, check out this gift guide!

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10. Fujifilm Instax mini 11 instant film camera

If your teens are into photos, make their Christmas special with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Film Camera. It's like a blend of old and new! Easy to use and snaps lovely pics on the spot. With a 'Selfie Mode' and improved auto exposure, it's the dream-cam!

Plus, they can use the INSTAX UP! app to scan and share their pics in high quality. Great Christmas gift for teenagers who love capturing memories!

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11. BedShelfie Bedside Shelf

We all know teens have tons of stuff—earbuds, phones, you name it. This bedside shelf is a lifesaver for them, holding laptops, phones, and more (up to 32 lbs) without any assembly hassles.

Made of wood, it's a no-mess, no-fuss shelf—perfect for keeping their essentials organized. So, if you are in the market for some practical Christmas presents for teens, BedShelfie's Bedside Shelf would be an awesome pick.

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12. Peach & Lily Glass Skin Discovery Kit

Whether it's winter or not, skincare can't wait! The Peach & Lily Glass Skin Discovery Kit is a killer Christmas gift for teenage girlfriends. This kit is all about getting that healthy, hydrated skin that shines like glass.

The kit includes everything for a complete Glass Skin routine—cleanser, essence, serum, and cream. Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Give them the gift of radiant skin this Christmas!

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13. iWALK Small USB C Portable Charger

Got some battery-anxious teens in the herd? This one is for them.

The iWALK Small USB C Portable Charger can be the ideal Christmas gift for a teenager. It's not clunky, so it won't cramp their style. They can even chat on the phone while this feather-light power bank works its magic. Plus, it works with all USB-C devices, so even the latest iPhone is on board. 

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14. dalattin LED lights for Bedroom

Spruce up their room with Dalattin LED lights for some holiday vibes—a perfect Xmas gift for teens! Choose from twenty colors on this mega-long LED strip to match your teen's mood. And with a peel-and-stick backing, it's a budget-friendly upgrade for their room. 

Plus, it's got a smart app and IR remote control for easy color and mode changes. Not to mention, the music mode syncs with the beat, creating a cool atmosphere. It's one of the most satisfying bedroom gadgets Christmas 2023.

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15. Kindle Paperwhite

For those teens who love kicking back and diving into wonderful books, a Kindle is a spot-on Christmas gift. It's portable, has a ton of e-books, and cool features like adjustable font and warm backlight.

Whether they're already bookworms or you're nudging them toward a new reading habit, Kindle makes it super easy and fun to explore a whole world of literature.

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So this was a fun list of Christmas gifts for teens for this year. You will find teenage Christmas gifts suggestion for all types of teenagers here. Make your purchasing decision based on the likings and preferences of the person you are gifting so that they can totally enjoy your gift! 

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